10 options with the most fashionable staining technique


Balayage is a modern and fashionable coloring technique, in which one contrasting shade smoothly transitions into another.


Balayazh is applied to the ends of the hair in the shape of the letter V – first the sides of the strand are stained, and then its ends. Thanks to this, an interesting effect is obtained, as if burnt out, lighter hair. The main color of the hair often remains the same, and for the ends themselves, colorists can use one, two or three shades, resulting in additional volume and glow.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 5

In order to get the desired shades, colorists lighten the strands completely or only the ends of the hair. The length of the dyed strands can be any, even almost from the roots of the hair.

When dyeing using the balayazh technique on medium hair, you must first make a haircut, since it is important to create the effect of burnt hair and preserve the structure of the dyed strands. If you first do the coloring, and then the haircut, then the efforts of the colorist will be in vain.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 4

Just on medium hair technique, this technique can be fully implemented – the length will make it possible to make a gradual and natural color transition. On medium hair, natural light shades of balayage and bright strands will look beautiful.

Balayazh has several undeniable advantages over other stains:

  • hair looks more voluminous and alive;
  • coloring can not be corrected for a long time, well-groomed and beautiful balayage will look even after six months;
  • With the help of balayage, you can correct the shape of the face – hide wide cheekbones. chin or lengthen the round shape of the face;
  • Balayazh is suitable for all shades of hair.
Balayazh on medium hair: photo 8

Balayazh for dark hair

An important step when dyeing on dark hair is to lighten the tips well, 4-5 tones lighter than the main color. If the hair has been dyed before, then you need to remove the color with a special tool. In general, balayazh on medium dark hair looks spectacular and makes the image more fresh.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 1

Balayazh for blondes and girls with light brown hair

For blond hair, more gentle coloring methods are needed. Before dyeing, the hair must be moisturized, and after that, restorative procedures should be done. The tone of coloring must be carefully selected; ash shades, golden, wheat and honey are suitable for balayage.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 7
Balayazh on medium hair: photo 2

Balayazh for redheads

Girls with red hair will look very impressive with balayage coloring. The ends of the hair can be dyed just a few shades lighter than the red shade, or they can be golden, honey or even orange.

Balayazh on medium hair: photo 6
Balayazh on medium hair: photo 3

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