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The female crop is an ultra-short haircut with a thick parietal part, short-haired (or even shaved) nape and temples. This spectacular haircut suits women 40-50 years old and refreshes their image.

Short haircut crop

The short version of the crop looks original – it combines textured bangs, a thick parietal part and a smooth transition to short-cropped temples and nape.

women's haircut crop photo 2
women's haircut crop photo 3

Crop haircut without bangs

This option repeats the first, but differs in the absence of bangs. For a crop without bangs, stylists leave the length of the hair at the crown of about 5-7 cm.

women's haircut crop photo 5

Crop haircut technique

For a haircut, you need hairdressing scissors, a machine with nozzles and a special thin comb. If you are not sure that you can recreate the crop yourself at home, it is better to entrust this matter to a professional and contact the salon.

women's haircut crop photo 17

How to cut crop:

  • The part of the hair that needs to be cut is separated by eye lines.
  • Then the whiskey and the back of the head must be cut or shaved using a machine with a short nozzle. They start with the right temple, then the back of the head, and end with the left temple.
  • Then, at the shaving machine, you need to pull out the knives and make a smooth transition from the long part of the hair to the shortened nape and temples.
  • With movements from the top of the head to the face, long strands are cut off. To do this, they are combed forward in advance, and then cut strand by strand with scissors.
  • You need to focus on the length of the hair in the parietal part of the head.
  • Then the remaining corner of the hair is removed, separating the strands with a horizontal parting.
  • We cut the bangs (at the request of the client).
  • In the final, the lower back of the head and neck are shaved to zero.
women's haircut crop photo 6
women's haircut crop photo 8

Some women who prefer a more extravagant style ask stylists to add details to the image: for example, shave patterns on the temples or the back of the head.

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