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The calling card of any woman is her hands, so they should be distinguished by a beautiful manicure. Most often, attention is drawn to gestures, greetings and sloppy manicure. To leave only a good impression about yourself, you need to take care of your nails and skin of your hands. How to make everything beautiful and where to start?


A beautiful manicure is a combination of colors and fashion trends of the year, only the attractiveness of such a nail design is unchanged, and often the delight that it causes.


How to make a beautiful manicure

First you need to choose a manicure technique, of which there are only two:

  • edged: with it cuticles and burrs are cut with scissors and special tweezers;
  • unedged: in this case, the cuticle is pushed back with a stick and special means.

Each technique has both advantages and disadvantages, so each girl will have to choose the appropriate care option herself. A beautiful manicure 2021-2022 can only be done if it causes pleasant sensations.

Currently, the unedged type of manicure is called European, as it is often used by masters in European salons. At the same time, they try to ensure that the client is not injured and is satisfied with perfect nails. This is not at all surprising, because the trimming method, performed by inept hands, can be a real torture.

This option is capable of:

  • harm the skin of the fingers, covering it with a mass of open wounds;
  • spoil the nail and its root, because of which it can grow ugly and bumpy;
  • make a lot of small and tedious hangnails from the cut and regrown cuticle.

Given these shortcomings, a trimmed manicure will have to be performed much more often than an unedged one, and this procedure will also take much longer. How can all this be done? There is nothing complicated here: you need a stick that pushes back the cuticle and a means to care for it.

The procedure itself begins with steaming the hands, after which the product is applied to the cuticle, lasts a couple of minutes, and the nail is gently cleaned with a stick. If you do everything right, the result will correspond to the salon edged manicure. After completing the treatment, it is necessary to apply a special oil to the nails, which heals the skin.

Beautiful manicure 2021: nail polish

When choosing nail polish, you should look at its quality, otherwise you can only harm them. In order to avoid this, it is worth using a base varnish before applying the varnish. It will help protect your nails from the harmful effects of the chemicals in the nail polish. In addition, the base enriches the nails with vitamins and smoothes them for further coloring.

After the base varnish has dried, you can use colored varnish, for this you need:

  • pre-shake the bottle with varnish;
  • dip the brush in varnish;
  • remove excess product on the edge of the vial so that small bubbles do not appear on the nail.

There is nothing complicated in applying varnish, you just first need to draw a brush in the middle of the nail from the root to the tip. Then the varnish remaining on the brush is applied to the side parts. The nails are painted with the second layer only after the first one has dried and fixed, otherwise the double layer will have to dry for a long time and you can ruin all the beauty.

The final touch is to remove excess product from the cuticles and sides of the fingers with a regular cotton swab with nail polish remover.

Beautiful “printed” manicure

Such a manicure is very simple and quick to make, for this you will need:

  • first remove the old varnish and file the nails;
  • taking any printed publication (newspaper or magazine), cut out 10 pieces with an interesting text;
  • you need to cut the squares a little more than the size of the nail so that the newspaper can be easily removed;
  • apply a colorless varnish on one of the nails, and until it is dry, drop a nail polish remover on a piece of newspaper;
  • attach it to the nail, carefully press down and wait about 20 seconds;
  • carefully remove the newspaper and apply a colorless varnish;
  • wait until the nails are completely dry.

Printed manicure looks spectacular on both long nails and short ones.

Beautiful water manicure 2022

To perform this beautiful manicure, you need to take a plastic glass, which is filled with water to the very brim. Now you need a colored varnish of at least two shades and a toothpick. So that the skin does not get dirty, a greasy cream is applied around the nail or adhesive tape 10 mm wide is glued.

So, to perform a water manicure you need:

  • first prepare the nails for applying varnish: trim, file:
  • to get a greater effect, apply a base varnish;
  • decide on the colors of the varnish, which should be several;
  • take a varnish and put one drop into a glass in which water is poured (the first drops will spread over the entire surface);
  • choose a varnish of a different color and again drip into the middle;
  • thus continue to drip, alternating colors;
  • when finished with drops, take a toothpick and draw any pattern;
  • place a finger protected with cream or tape parallel to the pattern;
  • sharply lower it into the water and remove the remnants of varnish with a toothpick;
  • remove the finger from the water, while it will be seen that the pattern remains on the finger and nail;
  • remove the adhesive tape or wipe the varnish from the finger with a napkin;
  • wait until the nail with varnish dries and cover it with a transparent varnish.

Nail care is not at all complicated, you just need to follow some requirements and then any girl will learn how to quickly implement a beautiful manicure without using the services of beauty salons.


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