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If a girl with long hair cannot decide for a long time which hairstyle to choose for herself, she should pay special attention to an elongated ladder.

long ladder photo 2

This haircut is a real find for long-haired beauties, because without affecting the length, it makes the hair more neat and well-groomed.

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Classic long ladder

One of the main variations of the elongated ladder is the classic one, during the design of which at various levels the strands are cut only starting from the shoulders, or only at the face.

long ladder photo 6
long ladder photo 4

The classic elongated ladder looks most impressive on rather long hair, which is specially made more rare for ease of styling.

By the way, such a haircut should be combined with interesting coloring methods, such as ombre, balayage, etc.


Ragged long ladder

The choice of a woman in favor of a torn elongated ladder will be very bold and extraordinary. Such a haircut is very relevant among modern fashionistas, as it easily hides all the flaws in appearance, including a too rounded face. In this case, multi-stage can be created along the entire length of the hair, starting from the crown itself.

long ladder photo 1

Asymmetric long ladder

For daring and self-confident women, options for an elongated ladder using asymmetry are perfect. So, the length of the hair on one side can significantly exceed the length on the other side. In this case, the entire hair will be framed according to the principle of layering.

long ladder photo 3

An elongated ladder is a very unusual and very attractive haircut. Girls with long hair can, without hesitation, try on images based on an elongated ladder. At the same time, each of them will definitely be in the center of everyone’s attention.

Which hairstyle did you like best?uh? We look forward to your comments!

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