20+ elegant and spectacular fashion haircut ideas


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A new hairstyle trend has caught the attention of many women. The “Boyfriend Bob” is a cute hairstyle that’s gaining in popularity, with a length that runs from the chin to the middle of the neck.

If you have fine hair, blow-drying can make it look sparse. A fashionable, well-styled “boyfriend bob” haircut can solve this problem.


Short “blunt” cut for thick hair

Try this short cut if you have thick hair and prefer to highlight it. To maintain this hairstyle, we recommend cutting your hair every 6 to 8 weeks and using conditioner every day.

Short haircuts for blondes

If you want to add glamour to your look, try this short cut with a light shade. This cut works well with a round or rectangular face, emphasizing the cheekbones.

Chin-length haircut with face-framing elements

This style is versatile, as it suits different face shapes and hair textures. This cut is particularly suited to women who want to highlight a longer neck.

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Short hair and bangs

Those looking for a simple haircut can opt for this chic short tousled hairstyle with bangs. It gives a stunning silhouette to a long neck. This hairstyle suits different face shapes. What’s more, the added texture adds volume to fine hair or reduces the density of thick, straight strands.

Traditional bob with copper-red tint

If you’re looking for a change of hair color, try this traditional bob in a copper-red hue. Not only is this hairstyle extremely elegant and gives you confidence, it’s also a great complement to your fall color type.

Boyfriend hairstyle with waves

Consider a short haircut with waves. This hairstyle gives an impression of lightness and is low-maintenance!

Boyfriend cut with side-swept hair

This hairstyle has a beautiful silhouette. It softens the shape of a square face and highlights the cheekbones of a round face. The length of the bob can vary from the chin line to the cheekbones.

Voluminous bob cut with angled parting

You can use a special product to add volume to the bob with an angled parting.

Boyfriend bob without bangs, framing the face

This face-framing bob is both bold and casual, perfect for any girl who wants a short haircut with light texture. To maintain the shape of the bob, we recommend adjusting the length every 8 weeks.

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Boyfriend cut with sharp ends

Add texture to your short cut. Try a short cut with sharp points.

An experienced hairdresser will be able to assess whether this style suits your hair type and face shape.

Wet bob with fine bangs

A light, blow-dried hairstyle can add softness to a look and a touch of tomboyish whimsy.

Perfectly straight boyfriend cut in black

This haircut works with all hair colors, and looks divine in black. We recommend visiting your hairdresser every 6 weeks to maintain the sleek look.

Smooth boyfriend cut with straight parting in the middle for blondes

A smooth blonde cut with a perfect center parting is simple and elegant. This cut is suitable for all women because it’s versatile.

Try the new “boyfriend bob” haircut. This hairstyle is both bold and cute, and guarantees all women a fashionable new look that everyone will love.

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