5 Best Hairstyles That Will Make You Irresistible in 2023


Summer is far away, we have gradually tidied up our summer wardrobe and are now releasing wool sweaters and coats to prepare for the winter cold. The change of season is also synonymous with hair renewal! You have hesitated, waiting for a trend to emerge, now is the time to take the plunge. Admittedly, your hair is sun damaged, more brittle, thinner, needs a bit of strengthening to withstand the cold and show good volume. What cut will you choose for this autumn-winter?

Here’s our top 5 to guide your desires and your expectations, to convey “as usual” and dare “ah, I’ll try a haircut that’s a little trendy right now, right? “.

TOP 5 most fashionable styles for autumn-winter 2022-2023

You dare to take the plunge to offer yourself a new image, and you are absolutely right! In this case, bet on these fashionable winter styles. The choice is huge: bob haircut, short or long bob or exquisite bangs.

Bob – Diana Modern or Mid Bob if you have short hair.

Medium length haircut


With the release of The Crown season 5 online, Lady Di is back, as is her gorgeous hairdo. The stylists took inspiration from this, giving it a more modern look and a slightly more glamorous look. If the haircut maintains softer and more rounded lines, long or medium length hair will have a much worsened shaggy effect.

Glamorous sophisticated haircut: daring curls and waves

Wavy hair

Until now, straight hair was in fashion, but this fall, curls are back. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé… made this glamorous and sophisticated choice. This voluminous hairstyle stands out thanks to the beautiful waves.

Fashion cut: curtain fringe!

fringe for curtains

Curtain Fringe is an absolute success. It matches perfectly with all hair and can be styled as you wish.

“Clavicut”, incision concerning the collarbone.


A great compromise to freshen up an old-fashioned haircut and keep it short to style your hair the way you want it.

Ideal if you want to get rid of a few lengths without going through a box of scissors. This cut can be straight or tapered and is generally easy to style.

“Square”, timeless cut

square cut

Glamorous and chic, that’s what defines a bob in all its forms. Wavy, curly or wavy, the bob gives the hairstyle a romantic touch as well as style.

You can choose:

  • Short square: the neck is open, but the volume is present. With a parting in the middle or on the side, it turns out chic and elegant.
  • Degraded medium length bob : With thin bangs or curtain bangs, this haircut will soften the face. His advantage? It can be made smooth or wavy as you wish.