6 reasons why you will never be able to lose weight


Losing weight is often very difficult for women: here’s why you shouldn’t have to lose

According to an Inserm study, 7 in 10 women and one in two men would like to lose weight. Covering nearly 106,000 French people, the survey denounces a real obsession with diets, data which represents a desire to feel better in one’s body for nearly half of the people surveyed, the rest of them citing aesthetic reasons. or overweight problems.
According to Serge Hercberg, director of the institute’s nutrition unit, 9% of women have followed more than 10 diets during their existence, a trend which does not spare men since, in total, some French people follow it. up to 5 or even 10 in their lifetime.

6 reasons why you will never be able to lose weight

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While these data reflect the concern of the French about their weight, they also highlight a general feeling of failure in their efforts. Indeed, according to a study by the polling company Ipsos and the nutrition program Metabolic Profil, diets follow one another mainly because of the unhealthy eating habits that persist. Diets are then without a future since they do not address the heart of the problem, namely healthy living. By asking participants targeted questions, the study authors were able to identify 6 reasons that could explain these failures:

✔️ Snacks between meals

Between the distributors at work, the cookies at the back of the cupboard and the packets of crisps ready to be eaten, the temptations are convenient and above all, very numerous. To avoid succumbing to it, take care to eat enough during your main meals, and not to ignore satiating foods (green vegetables, proteins, etc.). To anticipate any cravings and avoid bad decisions, choose fruits rich in water, vegetables in the form of sticks (carrots, cucumbers, etc.), or prepare a small bag of nuts that you can eat as a snack to limit the sensation of hunger.

✔️ Alcohol consumption

Beyond its dangers to health and the body, alcohol is your worst enemy if you want to lose weight. Less quantifiable than a meal that gives you an overview of what you eat, by its shape it introduces many calories into your diet in insidious ways. As a result, any effects of a previously established diet to reduce calorie intake will be systematically wiped out. Note that 3 glasses of red wine would be equivalent to a hamburger in terms of calories and half a beer would correspond to ¼ of a bar of milk chocolate!

✔️ Sweetened industrial drinks

Industrial juices, sodas, energy drinks … dozens if not hundreds of unhealthy alternatives that many of us succumb to for their sugar content and the boost they seem to give us during the little slack. Yet there is a flip side. According to Guillaume Walther, a specialist in cardiovascular diseases at the University of Avignon, the absence of dietary fiber in these drinks causes a skyrocketing blood sugar level in the body. Glucose, consumed in excess, would then be likely to cause weight gain, damage the arteries, and increase, in the long term, the risk of cardiovascular disease.

✔️ Industrial foods and dishes

They might save you some time after a long day at work, but know that industrial dishes are your number one enemy if you want to lose weight. Rich in salt, sugar, and fat, they combine components that are harmful to your body and promote caloric intake. According to American scientists, the latter is much more important as part of a diet and is characterized by higher consumption of carbohydrates at the expense of protein.

✔️ The drastic changes

Changing your diet can sometimes lead to feelings of intense frustration and rash decisions. In trying to speed up the weight loss process, many of us make the mistake of radically transforming our eating routine, not knowing that this move will lead to considerable disappointment. Indeed, drastic changes increase the risk of deviating from your slimming goal. The most important part of a diet is therefore to stick to a balanced diet and above all, to include sports activity to support your efforts.

✔️ Excess at the restaurant

Part of the reason some people have such a hard time losing weight is their fast pace of life. Indeed, it is not always easy to prepare meals in advance, which leads us to multiply lunches or dinners at restaurants. Faced with a tempting menu, the risk then increases considerably of eating more than necessary or of succumbing to calorie-dense dishes. Aurélie Guerri disentangles truth from falsehood in an article by Marie Claire. According to the dietician and nutritionist, diet and restaurant are completely compatible, provided you choose the right restaurants, limit yourself to a dish based on fish, shellfish, or vegetables, and always ask that the sauce be served separately way.