6 solutions for cleaning the bottom of the toilet without the use of chemicals


Are you convinced that your bathroom should be clean, but despite this, you cannot remove all the stains present on the bottom of your bowl? Sometimes, even using the best disinfectants and cleaning toilets for hours, you end up with nasty stubborn stains. Do not panic ! Here is a very practical way to solve this problem.

Black or brown stains, limescale or tartar deposits… toilets are prone to various types of dirt with daily use. While it’s tempting to use harsh chemical cleaners, believe it or not, the best solutions are right at your doorstep.


The cleaning solution should do its job without any side effects. Unfortunately, many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health if inhaled. However, there are certain natural ingredients that you can use to clean your toilets for more than effective results! Here are some examples :

Clean the toilet with citric acid

To naturally remove stubborn brown stains and restore cleanliness to your toilet, grab a jar of citric acid and get to work.

Mix ½ liter of hot water and 3 tablespoons of citric acid and pour into the bottom of the bowl.. Leave to act for at least 1 hour, then scrub vigorously with a toilet brush and flush down the toilet.

Descale the bottom of the toilet with white vinegar.

Due to its acidity, vinegar is considered a powerful cleaner for many surfaces: countertops, tiles, sinks, etc. The concentration of acetic acid in vinegar allows you to get rid of the most stubborn stains, not to mention unpleasant odors and traces of mold. Here’s how to use it to clean toilets:

First, be sure to choose distilled white vinegar rather than apple cider vinegar, its brown color can stain your toilet bowl. Fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar, then spray the entire surface of the toilet (walls, rim, and bottom) and leave overnight.. Scrub vigorously with a toilet brush the next morning.

Use baking soda to disinfect your toilet

This natural antibacterial and antiseptic product is in every home. Here’s how you can use this white toilet descaling powder.

Pour 1 cup of baking soda into the bottom of a bowl and add 3 cups of white vinegar.. Thus, these two ingredients create a chemical reaction that removes dirt and cleans pipes.

Leave to act overnight and pour 1 bucket of boiling water the next morning, your toilets will instantly be cleaner and shiny!

Repeat the operation until your toilet is completely clean.

Use hydrogen peroxide as a toilet disinfectant.

Indeed, this gentle and safe cleanser is able to destroy germs or bacteria in a few minutes. Moreover, it can also get rid of stubborn stains and remove the awful smell from your toilet. Here’s how:

Pour 120 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide on the walls and rim of the toilet bowl and let stand for about thirty minutes.. Then scrub with a brush and then flush down the toilet.

Also, be sure to fill the brush holder with this compound to disinfect it and keep it clean.

Lemon juice to whiten the bottom of the toilet

Due to its acidity, lemon juice is extremely effective in removing stubborn stains as well as limescale residue present on the bottom of the toilet. Here’s how:

Lay a paper towel around the sides and bottom of the bowl.

Squeeze two lemons, pour their juice onto paper and leave for 30 minutes.. Finish by scrubbing vigorously with a toilet brush, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Marseille soap to disinfect your toilets

Marseille soap can be used to clean toilets, amazing stuff, right? And yet it is very true! Here are the steps to follow:

Melt small pieces of soap in boiling water and let cool. For an antibacterial effect, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil.. Then spray the resulting solution into the toilet and leave for a few hours before cleaning as usual.

As you already understood, there are many ways to perfectly clean the toilet and remove tartar and stubborn stains. It’s natural, economical and, above all, effective!