6 tips to keep your flowers


On the occasion of the holidays, find all the tricks to transport, cut, shine and other tips to keep your flowers as long as possible.

Carrying your bouquet
Wrap the foot of the bouquet in damp newspaper during transport.

By IoanaB / shutterstock.com


Cut the stems well
Cut the 2cm stems in bevel with a sharp knife under a trickle of water to prevent air bubbles from entering the stem.

Make your leaves shine
Put a cloth soaked in beer on the leaves to make them shiny.

Avoid bacteria
Remove the low leaves that soak in the water so that the bacteria do not grow.

Clean your water tank
Add a piece of charcoal in the water of your vase to clean the water.

Avoid heat sources
Avoid putting flowers near a heat source.

Tips proposed by Interflora.


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