7+ cool haircuts from masters with golden hands and magical vision of a new image of the client


A short haircut after a long haircut is a message to the world: “Look, I’ve changed, I don’t want to live the old way, I want to live a new way!

Sometimes in life there are moments when there is stagnation on all fronts and you are not happy with the situation. To change it, I, for example, start clearing space for the new – I do some serious cleaning with scrubbing the farthest corners, I throw out old things (so that new things can come into my life), and you can also change your image…

You just start to feel renewed and the space of opportunity responds to you with unexpected events!

If you are not satisfied with the result, keep changing, keep clearing the space around you. Water won’t flow under a lying stone-the tenacity with which you clean up your environment forms the energy of a new sound within you.

New people respond to this energy, for whom you were not visible before – you were not on the same wavelength…

Something changes in you – and something changes around you: events and people.

To someone with long hair you resembled a retired mermaid, and with a new short haircut you are looked at with fresh eyes: the feeling that you began to radiate a different energy, a different wavelength…

Not necessarily new people: your husband, a colleague, girlfriends, children. Sometimes the people around you feel anxious about your external changes – they may try to stop your experiments, afraid that the new YOU will stop being as comfortable as you were, feel more confident and be able to say “No!” – Where they have always said “YES!” before…

Being afraid of change is your right! We all have some kind of life experience that whispers: “Stop! It’s dangerous!”. But wanting change is your right too! The last drop falls into your cup of destiny and the cup is poured by the entry of the new into your life – accept it with dignity!

New haircuts from Alexei! What a good man he is! Just a master!


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1 Chic teenage haircut! Cute unreal! Bravo Maestro!