A sloppy bun is an incredibly feminine hairstyle


In creating a hairstyle, nothing can be easier than shaping a bun. The bun is considered a universal hair styling method that fits any type of woman. In modern times, it is the casual model of the beam that is easy to create at home is considered very popular.


Romantic messy bun

  1. First you need to divide the hair into three sections: one section on the sides of the head, and one large occipital. From the occipital, you need to form a regular ponytail, which cannot be tightened too high;
  2. When the tail is formed, then it must be turned out several times. Then we add the side parts of the hair to it, fix them with an elastic band and twist the ponytail again;
  3. Do a few more eversion, and hide the tip of the tail in the resulting bundle. Give your hair some disheveledness, for which it is enough to pull the strands from the bundle and in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe parietal zone.

Simple messy bun

Comb your hair lightly and then pull it up high. Start twisting the resulting tail at the crown, forming a bundle. You can fix it with an elastic band or invisible. Stretch a few strands all over your head to give a casual look and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

Volume beam

This bun is ideal for those girls who have very thick and heavy hair. The thicker and heavier and longer the hair is, the more voluminous the bundle will turn out.

Comb your hair and gather a ponytail that is not too high. Fix it with an elastic band and stretch the strands a little in the region of the parietal zone, like a bouffant. Next, we begin to twist the tail to get something like a pigtail. We put the resulting fluffy tail in a bundle, around our gum. We fix invisible.

Elegant messy bun

Very beautiful and incredibly feminine bun!

  1. Hair should be combed well and collected in a ponytail. You just need to leave a couple of strands in the area of ​​​​the bangs, you can from one or both sides at once. If there is a bang, then the strands do not need to be left;
  2. Next, you need to pass the tip of the tail back through the elastic so that you get something like a bow on your head. We give the bow a structure, fix it with invisibility and stretch the strands all over the head.

A messy braided bun

First you need to divide the hair into three parts and weave a pigtail from each. A braid can be braided by any, even the simplest of the three links. Next, we braid three braids into one, and then we put it in a bundle. We fix with the help of invisibility.

Careless bun with fleece

Incredible bouffant bun, will allow you to become the queen of any disco!

  1. Let your hair down and comb it well with a comb. Then gently comb the hair only on the parietal zone, and then, without combing the hair, collect it in a ponytail.
  2. The hair on the back of the head should be loosened a little from the resulting tail (that is, pulled out of the common tail) and a high bun should be formed from the resulting tail. Secure everything with invisible or silk ribbon.