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Softsoap, beldi soap, potash soap, black soap

Black soap is used to remove stubborn stains on clothes, but also to clean the house from floor to ceiling. And that, thanks to its cleaning and degreasing power. For body care, it is appreciated for the preparation of scrubs, thanks to its exfoliating, softening and moisturizing properties. Black soap finally makes it possible to fight against parasites (aphids, mealybugs, mites, etc.) thanks to its insecticidal properties.

Technical characteristics
Black soap is made with only natural ingredients: olive or linseed oil, potash (potassium hydroxide) and water. It can be in liquid or soft form, in various packaging (can, jar, bottle and pump bottle). It is economical, ecological and biodegradable. Warning! Some manufacturers sell imitations of black soap: they have the color but without the benefits of natural black soap. Read the labels! It must be made from vegetable oils, with no perfume, no preservatives, no coloring, no solvents, and no animal fat.

 Precautions for use
Do not confuse the black cosmetic soap with the black household soap! The latter may contain chemical additives added by manufacturers, so it is not appropriate to use it for body care.

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