American women’s haircut (20 photos)


The United States is considered the birthplace of the American women’s haircut. This hairstyle is suitable for women and girls who prefer to have bangs and short hair. In addition, such a hairstyle is universal – it will be quite appropriate both in everyday life and at a celebration.


Stylish haircut “American” for women of any age

“American” for short red strands

Short ragged “American”

“American” in the Mohawk style

Celebrity with American hair

Fashionable haircut “American” for short hair

“American” with bangs

Haircut “American” with a shaved neck on a woman aged

Lush styling for the “American”

creative haircut option

“American” with elongated bangs and unusual coloring

The combination of “American” and lengthening the side strands

“American” on short dark curls

Lush curly styling for women’s haircut “American”

Direct “American”

Option “American” with grading strands

“American”: side view of the hairstyle

Long bangs combined with short hair cut like an “American”

Haircut “American”, which is in fashion

“American” for too short hair