An Apple A Day: Why Apples Are So Good For Your Skin


Toners are like exercise for your skin—they keep your pores lean and mean.
For an apple-cheeked fresh face, try this beauty brew.
It’s especially gentle, so it’s okay for dry skin.


By Claire Fraser Photography /


Makes 10 ounces

You will need:

²/3 cup apple cider vinegar
²/3 cup water
10-ounce decorative bottle with a narrow opening washed and dried (an apple shaped Martinelli’s Gold Medal juice bottle works great)
Homemade label (optional)
1 foot red satin ribbon (optional)
Cotton balls

[1] In a small bowl, stir together vinegar and water. Pour the mixture into your decorative bottle.

[2] If you like, attach your label to the bottle and tie the ribbon around the neck. Instant cosmetic boutique chic, yes?

[3] Shake well and apply toner to your freshly washed face with a cotton ball.
Don’t wash it off, just let it dry. Admire your tiny pores.
Follow with your usual moisturizer, if you use one.

An old jam or jelly jar makes a neat container for cotton balls.