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Ankle boots are probably one of the best inventions by designers in the shoe industry. For example, in the demi-season period, very often we look at weather forecasts and are lost in doubt – to wear boots or shoes?

And in winter, our fashionistas so want to sparkle with their legs against the backdrop of snow-white snow. It is at this time that women’s ankle boots will become more relevant than ever. Ankle boots 2021-2022 are essentially something between boots and shoes.

They slightly cover the ankle. An elegant and stable heel, a slightly tapered toe – all this is very harmonious, and most importantly, it is absolutely affordable and practical. In such shoes, a woman’s leg, even slightly large, will visually look very feminine, neat and compact.


ankle boots 2021

It is impossible not to note the convenience of such shoes, because even those who are not used to high heels will be able to find a way out and buy platform ankle boots. Now let’s try to figure out what you can wear such shoes with. And here your imagination can have no limits!

After all, you can wear ankle boots 2021 with whatever your heart desires. In autumn – with skirts, tunics, dresses, trousers. In winter – with vests, short fur coats, fur coats, etc. Next comes the concretization of the various styles. Let’s take a closer look at what is best to combine your ankle boots.

High-heeled ankle boots 2022 go well with short skinny or loose dresses and skirts, and with wide heels look great with jeans and loose trousers.

High-heeled platform ankle boots for women fall 2021-2022 are combined with original design plain clothes.

Fashionable ankle boots with an “open” ankle – it is preferable to wear tights, especially colored ones. A tapered skirt to the knee will play an important role in this combination.

Open ankle boots (various configurations are possible – from an open toe to original artistic cutouts over the entire surface) – as a rule, such ankle boots are worn in autumn or spring in clear, dry weather.

Recently, ankle boots are also very popular, decorated with various rhinestones, fashionable “cones”, various laces, trims from various materials, etc. Summing up, we can say that ankle boots will find their customers everywhere, because today’s assortment is really impressive and pleases the eyes of the best fashionistas in the world.

ankle boots 2022

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