Asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair: 17 amazing ideas

A real boom in hairdressing caused asymmetrical haircuts. They fit well in both everyday and holiday bows. With pleasure they are chosen by women of all ages. Properly chosen asymmetrical haircuts emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. They are very popular among celebrities and show business stars. Consider the best options for asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair.

Who are asymmetrical haircuts for?

Haircuts of this type are suitable for girls with any hair structure. Thin hair at the same time gain volume. As for the type of face, you can choose the perfect haircut for anyone, you just have to follow the following recommendations.

  • Full ladies should choose haircuts with a voluminous crown and long oblique bangs. They are able to bring the shape of the face closer to the ideal;
  • With a thin face, long mischievous strands and arched bangs will look great;
  • The square shape of the face will be hidden by haircuts with oblique lines in the area of ​​​​the ears;
  • For a triangular face, an elongated bob would be a good option;
  • The oval shape is ideal. In this case, any asymmetrical haircuts are allowed.
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Advantages and disadvantages

Asymmetrical haircuts are light, have a lot of styling options and give extravagant features. Their only drawback is a fairly quick loss of shape due to regrown strands. We pass, directly, to the haircuts themselves.

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asymmetrical bob

Asymmetric bob is done by many girls, which is quite justified. It is trendy stylish and can be matched to different face shapes. When laying, it is possible to change the parting and type of curls: corrugation, chalk and large spiral. There are many variations of the bean. Here are just a few of them.

Asymmetric bob haircut 2019 photo 3
  • Bob with extension and bangs;
  • Bob on a leg with lengthening;
  • Long bob with asymmetrical front strands;
  • Bob with graduation.

Bob allows you to hide a short, or vice versa, long neck, helps to hide unwanted areas, and reduces wide cheekbones.

Asymmetrical bob with lengthening

A completely ordinary square can become unusual and original. For example, instead of lengthening the front strands, you can do the same on one side only. Such a hairstyle in itself looks intricate, so you should not experiment with unusual coloring. If desired, a bang would be appropriate, but it should be oblique.

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Asymmetrical haircuts 2020 photo 16
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Shaved temple haircut

This option looks most advantageous on short hair, but you can achieve a good effect with an average length of strands. On the one hand, you do not give up your favorite hair length, but on the other hand, you make a bold decision that will set you apart as an ordinary person. If desired, you can apply creative coloring.

Shaved haircuts photo 5


The cascade, beloved by all, will not soon go out of fashion. It is versatile, practical and adds volume. Different lengths of strands can be perfectly traced on light hair and less noticeable on dark hair. A haircut that does not require constant updating will harmoniously fit into any image.

straight cascade photo 4
hairstyles for a round face photo 3

Asymmetric haircuts are a great option to stand out from others, to emphasize your individuality. An even greater effect can be achieved by coloring or monochromatic staining of individual strands. This will help to achieve a radical change in image without resorting to expensive procedures.

Tell us in the comments which option you chose and which hairstyle you prefer.

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