Aurora haircut for long hair: current options (30 photos)


The Aurora haircut, which arose more than 30 years ago, has not lost its popularity to this day. True, in the distant 90s, this haircut had a somewhat extravagant look. Now, many girls love this haircut for its ease of styling and ease of creating an image. She is really unpretentious in care, and her shape is easy to maintain. In addition, at any time it will be possible to correct it into another, no less interesting haircut.


Aurora haircut for long wavy hair

Aurora haircut for women of all ages

Oblique bangs for haircut aurora

Aurora women’s haircut option for older women

Stylish haircut for long hair aurora: options that are relevant now

Long dark hair cut like an aurora

Red hair and aurora haircut

Curly long hair with aurora cut

Stylish Aurora haircut for medium hair length

Long thin hair and aurora haircut in a single look

Aurora haircut idea for long hair

Side photo with Aurora haircut

Aurora as a haircut option for long hair

Long hair dyed dark with aurora cut

Aurora haircut for women with long strands

Aurora haircut for lush long hair and straight bangs

Aurora haircut

Aurora – a haircut for women who want to be in trend

Aurora on blond hair and lush straight bangs

Cutting hair with torn strands

Creating a newfangled aurora haircut on long blond hair

Lush aurora haircut with torn strands

The result of creating an aurora haircut for long curls

Red twisted hair and aurora haircut

Woman with a stylish aurora haircut on long strands

Brightly colored hair and aurora haircut in a single look

Lush long hair and aurora haircut

Creative coloring of thin strands with an Aurora haircut

Aurora haircut on a famous woman with highlights

Aurora haircut with different length strands