Autumn manicure 2021 (50 photos)

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Autumn manicure 2021: fashion trends and beautiful ideas (50 photos)

As the new season approaches, I want fresh ideas and inspiration. Especially for this occasion, we have collected for you the best trends of autumn manicure 2021. Fashionable colors, designs and other non-trivial solutions – choose and experiment!

1. Blue autumn manicure

As autumn approaches, dark, deep colors return. For the coming season, this is primarily a spectacular blue with a steel or grayish sheen.

Blue autumn manicure
Blue autumn manicure

2. Autumn pink manicure

Most often, pinks are common in spring and summer, but fall 2021 breaks the mold. Juicy neon, doll pink, pastel, dirty and dusty colors – all this wealth is at your disposal.

Autumn pink manicure
Autumn pink manicure

3. All shades of green

With the onset of the first cool days, light green and herbaceous tones are replaced by deeper and more complex congeners. For example, emerald or aquamarine.

All shades of green
All shades of green

4. Light autumn manicure 2021

Of the light shades in manicure, vanilla and lemon, lavender and pale blue are relevant. They can be combined with each other or varied with a contrasting pattern.

Light autumn manicure 2021

5. Classic nude manicure

After a riot of expressive designs, monochromatic laconic nude returns to trends. We recommend choosing warm and delicate variations, such as peach or cream.

Classic nude manicure

6. Translucent bases

In 2021, translucent color bases became a real breakthrough and literally filled all nail studios and salons. Do not miss the moment and hurry up to try if they have bypassed you up to this point!

Translucent Bases

7. Autumn manicure without coating

Quarantines, lockdowns and radical lifestyle changes over the past year have brought their own changes to all areas. So in manicure, neat and well-groomed nails without coating or just with a transparent top are especially appreciated.

Autumn manicure without coating

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8. Raindrops

To create this effect, a special gel is used. It looks very fresh and original, but keep in mind that the coating turns out to be quite dense and thick.


9. Gradient manicure

How much without gradients and ombre in 2021. In autumn, we advise you to pay attention to yellow, orange, pink and green shades! And also on white, milky and gray with black as opposed to them.

Gradient manicure
Gradient manicure

10. French in autumn colors

The colored jacket also changes with the change of season. For lovers of bright colors – blue, green, burgundy and purple. And for those who prefer more classic options – coffee, mustard and cream.

French in autumn colors

11. Drawings of leaves on nails

By the beginning of September, of all possible patterns, autumn leaves of all colors, shapes and sizes are becoming the most popular. They are especially good on long nails, when whole compositions are easily obtained.

Drawings of leaves on nails
Drawings of leaves on nails

12. Orange fall manicure 2021

If you do not want to part with the warmth of the sun at all – a bright and rich orange color is at your disposal. It balances masterly at the turn of the seasons and gives a very cozy mood.

Orange Autumn Manicure 2021
Orange Autumn Manicure 2021

13. Gold

Foil, sequins and flakes in golden hues will shine through the fall. Finally, they don’t need to be muted with a neutral companion color or a matte top. When else to wear such bold and vibrant designs, if not in the fall?


14. Coffee shades

The palette of brown shades is impressive in variety. Cinnamon, chocolate and even grayish taupe should be added to coffee. This is an autumn classic for all occasions.

Coffee shades

15. Fine shimmer

If you want something delicate but bright, shimmery tops and a small shimmer will do the job. They look lighter and quieter than solid glitter, but they refract the autumn sun very beautifully.

Fine shimmer

16. Autumn stamping

Plates with leaves, twigs, animal prints, funny inscriptions – and now the express design is ready. In addition to black and white stamping, try burgundy and yellow shades, and also glitter.

Autumn stamping
Autumn stamping

17. Manicure with rhinestones

Nail designs with rhinestones are back in fashion only this year, so they are not giving up their positions yet. In the summer, in the heat, many women of fashion prefer something simpler, but by the fall you can take a walk.

Manicure with rhinestones

18. Dark Autumn Manicure 2021

If you already want dark dense flowers – cherry, beetroot, purple will be at the top this season. With a matte finish, they look even more noble thanks to the velvety texture.

Dark Autumn Manicure 2021
Dark Autumn Manicure 2021

19. Multi-colored nails

All nails of different colors are no longer kitsch, but everyday. With the change of seasons, only the color palette changes. Deep warm shades go well with beige, white or black for a change.

Multi-colored nails

20. Marble manicure

Marble patterns are by no means a new invention, but they are so expensive and so good looking that it is impossible to resist. There are different techniques for creating streaks – and each time you get a new unique result.

Marble manicure
Marble manicure

21. Gray Manicure 2021

Pure gray is now almost never used in manicure. But if you dilute it with warm saturated shades – that’s a completely different story!

Gray manicure 2021

22. Contrast manicure

The principle of contrasts was, is and will be the simplest and most effective technique for bright and creative manicures. The more contrasting spots and accents, the more catchy the design is.

Contrast manicure

23. Matte Fall Manicure 2021

By the fall, even those who have not seen them for a year remember about the matte top. And all because it seems much softer and more comfortable than a cold shiny gloss.

Matte Autumn Manicure 2021
Matte Autumn Manicure 2021

24. Different hands

In a way, this is a variation of the fashion for multi-colored nails, only here attention is paid not to individual fingers, but to both hands. It’s good if the colors overlap with each other in small details.

Different hands
Different hands

25. Foil under matte top

Another interesting way to use a matte finish is to apply it to foil. Silver and gold underneath it acquires a noble aged shine, especially against a monochromatic neutral background.

Foil under matte top
Foil under matte top

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