Avant-garde haircut – bold and creative ideas


When there are no more classic haircuts to choose from, it’s time for the avant-garde style. Haircuts and hairstyles in this style attract a lot of attention due to their “unusualness” compared to others. Today we will reveal the secret of the popularity of avant-garde haircuts.

What is avant-garde style?

Avant-garde in other words is outrageous, courage and creativity. In a similar style of hairstyles and haircuts, masters can harmoniously combine chaotic sections of strands, mess, unusual and catchy colors for coloring. Hair is often cut with asymmetry, which forms a creative image.


The avant-garde style is most often resorted to by world-class stars who want to draw even more attention to their person. Thanks to a wide selection of avant-garde haircuts, it will be very easy to radically change the image of any woman. Such haircuts are suitable for any length of hair, even very short ones.

Benefits of an avant-garde haircut

  • It is very easy to create a unique look that no other woman will have;
  • Suitable for changing the image in a short time;
  • Suitable for very short hair;
  • It will help to express a bold character or a daring disposition;
  • Always an interesting and unusual result.

Disadvantages of avant-garde haircuts

  • A very bold and catchy haircut that not everyone will like;
  • Not suitable for women who have a strict dress code at work;
  • High price for such a haircut;
  • If you don’t like the result, it will be very difficult to fix something.

Avant-garde haircut – ideas

Shaving for very short and medium hair

The most popular avant-garde haircut method is the addition of a shave. That’s why she can easily fit very short hair, as shaving will make it even shorter, or even shave it off. The degree of shaving will depend on your preferences and expectations. For medium hair, the process is slightly different from short hair, but the result is incredibly creative.

Avant-garde patterned haircuts

Another unique method of how to collect the admiring glances of others. The master delicately processes the hair, creating incredible patterns. Patterns can be themed or random. In any of the options, something fantastic and creative is obtained.

Precise geometric cuts in avant-garde style

The master creates geometric sections of hair along perfectly precise lines to make the haircut as coarse as possible. Angularity, roughness, sharpness of transition – this is all avant-garde geometric haircut style. It is well suited for any length of hair, but it is best to look at the average.

Asymmetric avant-garde haircuts

The most loyal method of creating an avant-garde style haircut is to create asymmetry in the hair. In any case, it will look catchy and unusual, but it’s worth it. Moreover, asymmetry allows you to partially save long hair, because only part of the hair is cut. Thanks to constant experiments, the masters in the salon will definitely be able to surprise you with interesting variations of asymmetry haircuts.