Balayazh on a square – an incredible combination of two classics


In pursuit of a fashionable haircut and coloring, it is not always possible to achieve both. But stylists and hairdressers agree that it is balayage coloring with a bob haircut that can satisfy two needs at once, allowing you to create a unique and fashionable style. Let us consider below what is the secret of such a combination and why it is so in demand among women of different ages.


Features of staining balayage

Balayazh refers to natural types of hair coloring, that is, it creates a result as close as possible to the natural color of the hair. It is balayazh that is in great demand for light brown hair, which only needs to be slightly updated, and not completely repainted. Balayazh helps to create the popular effect of burnt strands and is suitable for any hair color.

Highlights of balayazh on a square

Kare is the universal classic haircut of all time. It looks great with balayage coloring, where the coloring gives the hair a more lively and natural look. Coloring seems to increase the mass of hair, from which it seems that they are very thick and voluminous. This method is ideal for women with fine hair that lacks volume.

Thanks to the various types of bob haircuts, you can create a different beautiful look with balayage coloring.

Fashion ideas for coloring balayazh on a square

Elongated caret and balayage

An elongated bob is the best choice for women with a round face type. A haircut will help visually stretch the shape of the face, making it more oval. In addition, a haircut will help to cope with too massive facial features, for example, in a square and a rectangle. Balayazh on an elongated square always looks stylish, catchy and modern.

Light balayage on a square

Light balayazh can contain any palette of blond, from warm and rich yellows to cold and frosty platinum and ashy. In any case, the coloring takes place in native dark or light hair roots, so it is considered safer for sensitive scalp. Light balayazh is equally well suited for straight, wavy and very curly hair.

Dark balayage on a square

The most popular balayazh option is in dark colors or on dark hair. It is he who is selected by the master to work with light brown hair, which requires only a slight transformation. A special technique allows you to achieve a very feminine result in the end, where caramel, amber, wheat, honey, milk, chocolate, coffee and other shades can gently shimmer on the hair.

Colored balayage on a square

Balayazh can also be colored, which is very beneficial and beautifully emphasizes any variant of the square. This method is good for young girls who, with the help of their hairstyle, want to highlight their outstanding character. In this form, the balayage master uses different colors, everything will be discussed in advance at the request of the client, or you can leave the choice to the master. The master selects the paint based on the color type of the woman, so the final result always turns out to be gorgeous.