16 Best Boys Haircuts (New Trending 2021 Styles)


Looking presentable is essential for any man, regardless of age. So it’s time to personalize your uniform style and stand out in class! And to assist you in this endeavor, we have chosen the most fashionable big and little boy haircuts that will make you want to get up earlier in the morning to spruce up your mane.
They will differ in length, hair type, complexity, and ambiance. As a result, you will be able to select a cut for any situation easily.

So, Which are the best boy hairstyles? Choosing the best boys’ haircuts can be difficult. On the one hand, there are numerous styles to choose from, and it can be difficult to sort through them. On the other hand, however, it can be challenging to find one that flatters your child’s features and adheres to school dress code guidelines.

If you want your child to leave the barbershop with the right hairstyle every time, our collection of the most fashionable hairstyles for boys will come in handy.

16 – Undercut With Short Textured Top

Undercut With Short Textured Top


Cool haircuts for kids are those that look stylish and trendy while requiring little maintenance. That being said, an undercut haircut with a short textured top is one of the best options for little mods who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their tresses. Boys with long hair will also benefit from an undercut because it allows them to keep their long locks in order.

15 – Classic French With High Fade

Classic French With High Fade

A classic French crop is an excellent choice for your adorable boy. With its short trimmed sides and textured top, it looks stylish yet understated. Choose a high fade on the back and sides for added boldness, which instantly draws attention to the top. These kids’ hairstyles are ideal for both school and vacation.

14 – Short On Sides, Long On Top

Short On Sides, Long On Top

Men’s short haircuts are timeless, but what’s a trendsetter? When you choose a style that combines cool long waves on top with short faded sides. You can also add different hair twists to this hairstyle. This will get your boy excited about his new hairdo.

13 – Longer Bang For Toddler Boy

Longer Bang For Toddler Boy

Nobody wants to come across as overly preppy and conservative at school. Your child is no exception. As a result, if you’re going to try out popular little boy haircuts like bangs, make them longer than usual. Because of that, he will be able to push them to the side, add texture or style in any other way that the occasion requires.

12 – Boys Curly Fringe With Faded Sides

Boys Curly Fringe With Faded Sides

If your child is lucky enough to have curly hair, you should take advantage of it. Boys’ hairstyles with curly fringe will highlight the defined texture of the hair. To make it stand out more, use a fade on the sides and back. Remember that the higher the fade, the more daring the hairstyle appears.

11 – Classic Kids Undercut

Classic Kids Undercut

Everyone’s favorite undercut is famous for a reason: it works great in various school and business settings, keeping a wearer’s style presentable and strict at the same time. Look no further if you’re looking for cool boys haircuts that can provide you with flexible maintenance and a variety of boy hairstyles. In addition, if your hair is really short, you can flip it to the side or make it spiky, proving that there are no boy’s haircuts that short hair cannot keep up with.

10 – Smooth Boy Taper Fade

Smooth Boy Taper Fade

What is a good boy’s hairstyle? A little neatness never hurts, primarily if your school is known for its accuracy and immaculate schoolboy hair. Instead of cutting the boy’s hair short, shorten the sides and spice them up with a boy’s fade haircut, in which the longer top gradually blends with neatly tapered sides.

9 – Buzz Cut With Shaved Line

Buzz Cut With Shaved Line

This simple strict military buzz cut can be transformed into one of the coolest haircuts for boys! The detail that will prove all-boys short haircuts can be fun is a clean outline that makes you look precise and neat, as well as an outstanding shaved line on the side. In terms of styling, short boy haircuts will save you time in the morning.

8 – Chic Boys Ivy League Cut

Chic Boys Ivy League Cut

What is the best kid’s haircut? The Ivy League cut is a longer version of the crew hair cut for children that allow the top to be styled to the side. Unlike most short haircuts for boys, this one will keep your hair short while also giving you a touch of style and a place to experiment. A fine comb and mid-hold gel are your best friends when styling such cool boys haircuts for special occasions.

7 – Medium Length Layered Boy Cut

Medium Length Layered Boy Cut

This is most likely one of the most popular boys’ long hairstyles. Of course, it’s intended for a semi-casual dress code due to the messy look created by layering. However, the best thing about this boy’s hairstyle is how versatile it is in styling. Throughout the semester, you can change many awesome boys’ haircut styles with the help of a comb and styling gel.

6 – Scissor Cut Hair With Design

This hairstyle is ideal for emphasizing the ruffian character while saving time on styling, which is essential in the morning. A barber will run the scissors in random directions to achieve this disheveled look. In addition, this textured hairstyle allows you to incorporate some trendy design elements. A lightning shave is the ideal finishing touch for such a daring look.

5 – Modern Kids Mohawk

Modern Kids Mohawk

Boys who live a modern and carefree lifestyle will appreciate the way this kid’s mohawk accentuates their sense of style. Though it requires regular maintenance, its incredible silhouette and texture play, like many black boys’ haircuts, is worth a try.

4 – Disconnected Boy Taper Fade

Disconnected Boy Taper Fade

The significance of this hairstyle is on the definition. The top has been cropped, and a shaved-in line separates it from the sides. Because the look is sharp and edgy, you should balance it out with a soft taper fade on the sides.

3 – Fun & Curly High Top

Fun & Curly High Top

Haircuts for boys with curly hair that emphasize texture are the most difficult to maintain. They are not appropriate for school, but they are the must-try haircuts for kids for any particular school event. The sides are a little shorter, and the top shows off the curls: a classic pattern for boys’ head-turning hairstyles. Next, apply some oil or foam to the top of your curls to make them stand out.

2 – Boys Crew Cut With Shaved Stripes

This is a classic crew cut with creative stripes that neatly fades into shaved sides. This is another classic men’s haircut that has been around for a long time. It checks all the style boxes with a cute fringe on top and cleans shaved stripes on the sides; it contains all the style boxes – it is cute, funky, and neat.

1 – Side Swept

Side Swept


Cute boys prefer hairstyles that are elegant and classy. If your child is one of them, go with a side-swept look. It does not necessitate much styling while conveying a refined and trendy image. Just remember to use a light hand with hair styling products to keep the hair looking relaxed and carefree.

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