Black and pink hair – spectacular style


Black-pink hair has recently occupied not the last line among fashionable dyes for different hair lengths. Thanks to the incredibly successful harmony of colors, a beautiful play of color occurs, which certainly provides the perfect color for the hair.


Features of black and pink coloring

The most interesting thing is that such coloring can be different: in one case it is a bright and catchy option, and in the other it is more muted. Pink is divided into many beautiful shades, where there is a place for pale and very bright, and saturated, such as fuchsia. Black can also be muted, or vice versa, jet black.

Most effectively, such coloring will look on short hair. Short hair does not always have enough volume to look more presentable and luxurious than long hair. Therefore, it is worth choosing a similar coloring for them in order to completely update the image.

Cool black and pink hair ideas

Spectacular ombre

The most popular coloring in black and pink is a spectacular ombre. Such an ombre can have a dark top and a pink bottom, or vice versa. In any case, it turns out a very beautiful coloring, which is well suited for medium and long hair.

Easy update

A light update is specially designed for those women who want to highlight their hair only slightly. Coloring is very simple, airy and light. It won’t draw too much attention to itself, so it’s worth a try.

For creative haircuts

Creative haircuts have recently become very fashionable and catchy. This is a wolf, asymmetrical and combined. Thanks to such haircuts, it is very easy to stand out from the crowd, and with black and pink coloring, it will be faster and easier.

Highlight strands

Simple dyeing will allow you to highlight only a couple or one strand on a black hair sheet. Such coloring is quite realistic to produce at home, because no special knowledge is required. This will help save time on visits to the salon and, of course, save money.

Highlighting the ends of the hair

An equally effective option for highlighting hair is highlighting the tips. It does not matter at all what method the staining will take place, but only the result is important.

Half black, half pink hair

Popular coloring, where half the hair is dyed pink and the other black, is a megatrend of the modern world. Thanks to this trend, it is very easy to create a very original and stylish look for every day.

Perfect stretch

Ideal stretching implies a smooth distribution of paint on the hair. Usually this coloring looks good on long and straight hair. It is best to start stretching from dark roots, smoothly turning them into pink.

Hidden staining

Hidden coloring will help hide too bright and creative pink, under your native black hair color. Here you can only decide whether to show someone your coloring or not. A very interesting option for any occasion, besides, this approach will not greatly spoil your native hair.