Black and white hair is a popular trend


Standard dyeing in natural and even bright unusual colors is already a thing of the past. They are being replaced by amazing and unusual double stains, such as black and white. Thanks to modern methods of dyeing in black and white, any woman can paint over.


Half black, half white

Stylish and most relevant today, coloring, where half of the hair is dyed white and half black. This method appeared not so long ago, but has already firmly settled in the hearts of young fashionistas. This coloring is typical for young girls who want to emphasize their unusual taste and stand out from the crowd.

Horizontal staining

If the above option is not enough for you, then you can make the coloring even more unusual and extraordinary. Here the master will paint the strands horizontally, in wide stripes. It is not necessary to adhere to any rules in applying paint, the main thing is that it lies horizontally.

This option is not suitable for everyone, so you should consult with the master to resolve the issue.

Stretch color

The color stretch is very similar to the classic ombre, but has smoother color transitions. Here, black can be stretched over a white sheet of hair, or vice versa. Everything will depend on the desired effect. If from black to white, then this option is considered a classic. If on the contrary, then more bright, but also fashionable. Stretching looks perfect on long and even hair.


Classic ombre is the best choice for those women who are afraid to choose radical hair coloring techniques. Ombre affects part of the hair, that is, the native color is black, it will not be completely repainted, but only some part of it. The same goes for blonde hair. Ombre always looks different, because it all depends on their type and density, as well as the method of applying the dye.


In highlighting, the master paints only selective strands, without affecting all the hair. Highlighting allows you to quickly and easily update the image, add zest to it, and also emphasize individuality. The master can easily highlight the strands near the face, or color only one chosen by you in black or white.

The effect of gray strands

A novelty in coloring, which came instead of the effect of burnt strands. The effect of gray strands allows you to imitate gray feather strands, which creates an incredibly deep and attractive look. Coloring is quite complicated, as it can include two techniques at once: shatush and balayage.

More white

Do you want to remain a bright blonde, but somehow update an existing image? There is only one way out – to slightly tint the strands in black. More white helps reduce the pressure of black, which is typical for those women for whom it does not suit at all. Therefore, black and white coloring is considered universal, because you can experiment with coloring techniques and choose the best one.