Blue and blue hair – feel the breath of freshness!


It is very easy to update any image is to choose a bright color. If you are a creative or bold person, then you can immediately go to non-standard colors, such as blue and blue. A lot of coloring techniques create incredible transitions of similar colors on the hair, and a luxurious result can suit almost any woman.


Features of blue and blue hair color

Of course, such a mixing of colors will create a cold and refreshing look. It will look best on women with fair skin and light eyes. But if you combine it with some third color, or leave part of the color of natural hair, then coloring can easily suit women with dark skin and dark eyes.

Before staining, it is better to contact the master for advice. In this case, he will determine your color type and recommend his special shade of blue and blue.

Fashion Coloring Ideas

Blue strands on a blue background

An interesting coloring option that will help change the image without major interventions. The method looks beautiful on long and wavy hair.

pearl palette

Pearl blue is a difficult color, as it is not always possible to achieve such a shade on the hair. But the result is worth it. It will go well with dark blue hair roots.


Coloring is a technique that allows you to select some strands from the entire canvas of hair in the color you want. Blue or cyan.

Intense blue

Intense blue with elements of cyan, gives an excellent result. It makes the hair seem to be voluminous, which looks incredibly impressive.

Blue-blue for curls

On curly hair, blue-blue coloring looks incredible!

Staining with partial darkening

For long hair, dyeing can be done almost completely blue, but only with a partial darkening in blue from the inside of the hair.

Ombre for blonde hair

Ombre will look very unusual on blond hair. It can often be combined with a third color.

Ombre for dark hair

The most popular coloring is ombre for dark hair, where part of the natural dark hair color is preserved. The rest of the hair is dyed blue and blue.

Ombre from blue to blue

You can create a more refreshing ombre. Here the master highlights the upper part of the hair with blue, and then smoothly goes down, where it turns into blue.

Stretching with dark hair ends

Harmonious coloring can give blue color and purple hair tips!

classic stretch

The classic stretch starts with blue and smoothly flows into blue. This is a very beautiful coloring that will look best on even and straight hair.

Coloring with black

Mixing black natural hair color, blue and blue – it will be a very good, and the main beautiful idea!

cold veil

The cold veil includes a cold, frosty blue color. It is smoothly distributed through the hair, from which it looks incredibly harmonious on straight or wavy hair.


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