Blue-green hair – fashion season outfit


Blue-green has also been added to the list of incredible colors. These two colors are ideally combined with each other, emphasizing and shading. Thanks to this feature, master colorists have come up with a lot of ideas on how to make your coloring unique. We present a selection of spectacular blue-green hair ideas.


Sea wave

The sea wave is a very exciting and delicate color that excites the mind with its deep blues and greens. Not infrequently, in such coloring, the master colorist harmoniously combines different shades of two colors, creating an amazing play of paint. Coloring looks good on thin and thick hair.

More green

If you like green more, then it’s time to do this kind of staining. It contains not the usual green, but rich emerald, bottled, mint-acid, with overflows of cold light green. Blue is added here in a minimal amount, but even in this form it beautifully emphasizes the green.

mint glaze

One of the most delicate shades of blue-green hair. The coloring is so airy, light that an image of an extraterrestrial creature is created, instead of an ordinary woman. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of producing a stunning effect, then it’s time to start this type of hair coloring.

Incredible coloring

Master colorists are able to create a real work of art on your strands. Green and blue look harmoniously together, where the hair stands out in a row. In addition to pure blue and green, the master often adds their shades and some third-party color to better correct the overall picture.


Peacock is a deep and intricate coloring option in which all colors look much richer than usual. They seem to be illuminated from the inside, creating an amazing play of color. Coloring is complex and will require a lot of attention in care. In particular, sulfate-free shampoo, balm and moisturizing sprays.

Half green, half blue

Popular coloring for young girls. Here the master divides the hair into halves and dyes each with its own color. In our case, it is green and blue. There is a more modern modification of half staining – this is crosswise. Part of the hair from one half is dyed blue and green, and the other is upside down.

Hidden staining

It is very easy to dye your hair only green or blue and hide the other on the bottom layer of your hair. Hidden staining will become apparent only when you yourself want it.

Spectacular ombre

Ombre is considered the most popular and relevant method for creating unusual transitions from color to color. In the case of blue and green, the ombre is very effective, rich and never boring and monotonous. In any case, the ombre always turns out to be special, and a different method of applying paint allows you to achieve your result.

crazy colors

If you don’t have enough ideas, then you can use the crazy colors category. There are no restrictions, not for a haircut, not for coloring. Together, not only blue and green, but also other complementary colors can be found.