Colored strands near the face – a new popular trend


A new popular trend with colored strands can please any woman. This has already been in fashion before, but in particular, only light and white. The modern trend has expanded the boundaries of the color palette and now it is fashionable to highlight the strands near the face in bright shades.


How to choose the perfect color for the strands of the face

In order for the color of the highlighted strands to ideally fit the image, it is important to build on a few points:

  • Desired effect – if you want brightness, then the paint should be bright or different from the native color by several tones. For example, the hair is light blond, which means the paint should be platinum or ashy;
  • From the main hair color – no matter what hair color you have: natural or dyed, the color of the strands in the face must be chosen, starting from it. With blond hair, shades three tones lighter or darker will look good. Colors go well with dark ones.
  • Skin color – the color type of a woman directly affects the selection of hair color. For a cold undertone, it is better to choose cold shades of color, and for warm ones, warm ones.

Fashion ideas for coloring strands in the face

Light strands

Light paint in an extensive palette of blond, can quickly highlight any hair color. This is the most popular choice in this type of hairstyle, for any length of hair.

Dark strands

Dark colors include all shades of chocolate, caramel, light brown and nutty. It is better to highlight the strands with a dark color to create a discreet image, with a twist. Dark color is perfect for short, medium and long hair.

yellow strands

Yellow strands refresh the face better than others, giving it a sunny look. The palette of yellow is diverse, so there is a choice among light and more saturated shades. Yellow goes very well with red, wheat and dark hair colors.

Green strands

Green strands will bring an unusual touch to the image. It harmoniously combines with black, chocolate and red hair color, as if complementing its tone. Green is divided into shades, among which the most popular are emerald, lime, bottle and sea.

Red strands

If you want to add passion to the image, then the red color will help you do it in a short time. It is quite easy to highlight any color of the strands with red paint, because it is rich and catchy. You do not need to lighten your hair on purpose, but just apply red paint immediately and wait for the allotted time.

blue strands

The blue color is very beautiful, rich and deep. With it, it is easy to decorate any hairstyle and haircut.

Purple strands

Violet is considered a cheerful color, suitable for any color of blond or dark hair.

multi-colored strands

The multi-colored option includes amazing hairstyles where the strands stand out in red, green, yellow, blue, yellow and other colors at the same time. This method can be called rainbow, peacock feather color, holographic and others.