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Musty and musty smell in the closet? Humidity is the reason. Fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can get rid of these unpleasant odors. Discover without delay our tips and tricks to get rid of this inconvenience. Let’s go to !

Bad smell in the toilet can be a real source of frustration. You have tried everything but to no avail. Do not panic ! No need to resort to expensive and harmful chemicals. Valuable allies in the fight against moisture and mold, some natural products can be of great help to you. These are real fresheners in the closet. We tell you everything!

What causes smell in the closet?

Humidity is the number one enemy, which few manage to get rid of. Insufficient ventilation, poor exposure to the sun… As a result, moisture develops and mold becomes a permanent resident not only in the rooms of your house, but also in the wardrobe and closets. Although the causes may vary, they are usually due to excess moisture and lack of ventilation. In addition to damaging walls or tile joints, moisture can also damage your clothing.

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Wardrobe with clothes – Source: spm


White rice is more than just a food, it’s a great natural home remedy. Mixed with a few drops of essential oil, it is very effective. Among its many virtues, it absorbs and eliminates odors and mold in the closet or pantry. The rice absorbs moisture and the essential oil spreads a pleasant scent and scents your clothes. In addition, this ingenious solution is very easy to use! How ? We will reveal the secret to you!

– Put a bowl of rice in the closet: a grandmother’s effective advice …

You will understand, a clean, sanitized and smelling toilet is a must! Yep… What’s more, it can be done quickly and easily with a simple trick. Grandma’s trick is to use a large jar and uncooked rice. Just follow the instructions!

  1. Take raw rice.
  2. Put it in a big jar.
  3. Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.
  4. Close the lid and let stand for ten minutes.
  5. After the time has elapsed, remove the lid and place the jar in the corner of the cabinet.

And that’s it, it’s done! Rice is one of the most widely used natural remedies for removing mold and dampness in the closet. Clothes will be able to breathe again, and this pungent smell will quickly disappear. Important ! Consider replacing rice once a week.

Besides the rice trick, there are other super effective natural ingredients. Do you want to know more? let’s go to!

– Baking soda: a white powder that wishes you well…

Well known for its absorbency, baking soda will eliminate all bad odors in your closets. For this, the process is very simple:

  1. Pour baking soda into a bowl.
  2. Put the bowl in the stinky cupboard.
  3. Leave it open all day to air out.
  4. Remember to close it the next day, leaving the baking soda bowl inside.
can of baking soda

A can of baking soda – Source: spm


The result is a nickel! No more bad smell in your closet.

– White vinegar: your ally in the fight against mold…

White vinegar is a versatile home product that can be used to clean, disinfect, and scent. Amazing ! And to apply it, nothing complicated! You just need to follow simple steps:

  1. Take a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water.
  2. Pour both liquids into a spray bottle.
  3. Dampen a rag with the solution and carefully wipe off the mold on the shelves and cabinet walls.
  4. Skip a dry cloth to remove excess moisture
  5. Leave your closet open all day to air it out.

White vinegar simply deodorizes your toilet. So say goodbye to bad odors!

– Dehumidifier and drive out moisture!

A dehumidifier also helps regulate the level of humidity in your home. In this way, you will prevent unpleasant odors from appearing in your cabinets and nightstands. Also remember to open windows to ensure good ventilation.

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– Dried herb sachets: nothing beats the scent of the countryside…

Dried herb sachets are a great way to get rid of strong odors in your home or bedroom. You can add dried herb sachets like thyme, rosemary, basil… To use them, you just need to put them in the cupboard on the shelf and you’re done!

Dear readers, thanks to our tips, you can get rid of all the unpleasant odors that have settled in your closets. Feel free to apply them!

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