fashion coat 2022-2023 trends of women’s coats


Fashion coats 2022-2023 were presented at the main fashion week in Paris and Milan. Now the main coat trends for this year are known. The first fashionable novelty was the military coat. A double-breasted black coat with gold sleeves is considered the fashion trend for this year.

Also, the designers preferred to wear coats of traditional cut and color for their models. Khaki and matte black are the main novelty of the season. The second fashion trend has been considered the classic coat, which is perfect for office and everyday compositions, for several years now.

It is it that can perfectly complement any look from bold and extravagant things, wide scarves and hats. The third fashionable novelty can be considered a cape. Cape is a women’s coat that became fashionable at the end of this year.

fashion coat 2022-2023

Next year, it will continue to gain peak popularity and will adorn many models from Dolce Gabbana and Valentino. The fourth fashionable novelty can be safely considered a poncho. Poncho with folk print, fur insert, fringe and various patterns are perfect for any female representative, according to the designers.

The fifth fashion trend that was last year and spilled over into the current one is the 2022-2023 sleeveless coat. Many stylists from fashion houses offer a women’s coat with detachable sleeves for everyday wear. In clear weather, the girl will be able to complement the coat with a cocktail dress, in gloomy weather, she will be able to warm up.

Many fashion critics notice that this model is more like a vest, but the designers stand their ground. The sixth fashion novelty is considered to be a fashionable coat 2022 with short sleeves. Of course, this coat should not be worn in winter, as it cannot keep you warm.

However, in calm autumn weather, this will be what you need. Marc Jacobs has a lot of options. The seventh novelty is a coat that looks like a cocoon. It is a universal option that looks good both on owners of a slender figure and on lush ones.

coat women 2022-2023

With the help of such a cut, you can not only hide figure flaws, but also noticeably emphasize advantageous places. The eighth novelty is rightfully considered a fitted coat that looks elegant, graceful, sophisticated on any girl.

Those girls who want to look special, fashion designers recommend these coats with fur inserts, unusual belts and symmetrical details. One of the most original models are models of Marc Jacobs.

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