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Balayazh is a complex coloring using two tones with a smooth border between shades. As a result of this technique, the transition between natural hair color and dyed curls looks harmonious. This is a great way to get a spectacular bright look and not ruin blond curls.


Staining features

Balayazh first appeared in the last century in France. The literal translation means “brush stroke”. It reflects the essence of newfangled technology. The hair is lightened by 3 tones to make the coloring look more natural. Each strand is adjusted and drawn by hand. You should get the effect of sun-bleached curls.


Benefits of Balayage

Coloring does not begin at the roots, the integrity of the bulbs does not collapse. Due to color transitions, a seductive volume is created. This is a great option to freshen up your hairstyle without drastic changes.


You can update the technique only after 3 months and during this time remain spectacular and attractive. Hair will look healthy and well-groomed. Balayazh visually makes facial features softer. Women look 3-5 years younger.


The difference between ombre and balayage

These techniques are often confused. They are indeed a bit similar to each other, but there are fundamental differences from a technical point of view. For example, ombre is considered a phased coloring. It looks like a gradual dissolution of dark shades in a light shade. The color at the roots is very different from the color of the tips. In balayazh, everything happens exactly the opposite. During dyeing, several strands are used. The difference between the lightest and darkest shade is minimal, so as the hair grows, the border between its color and dyed hair is not striking.


Styling Tips

Natural blondes will suit an ashy shade. The effect of gray hair is best used as a fight against gray hair, otherwise the lady may look older. Caramel is recommended for owners of dark blond blondes. Golden shade can be applied to light brown and light brown hair.


Today it is one of the least traumatic and delicate methods to refresh curls. Coloring is universal. Balayazh can be done at any age at any time of the year for any length of hair, of course, except for ultra-short haircuts.

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