Five simple hair cutting ideas that you can do yourself


1 Multi-elastic ponytail, a simple hairstyle for long hair
simple hair cutting

A simple and quick hairstyle for long hair, for which it is enough to have on hand a few thin elastic bands in the color of your hair.

Start by washing and drying your hair, turning it upside down for maximum volume. Once dry, tie them into a high ponytail, squeezing tightly to avoid wicking out. If you have fine hair, lightly comb it, then tie elastic bands along the length of the ponytail, leaving a gap between each curl.

The most ? For exercise, you can leave your hair as it is. Exercise, no?

2 A half-pull – a simple hairstyle for medium-length hair

simple hair cutting

This simple hairstyle for square or medium length hair does not need length. A rubber band and a few bobby pins will be enough to make a nice half ponytail.

On dry hair, separate the top of the hair from the bottom and tie the top half-tail into a knot. Crimp it, then twist it into a coarse bun, which you secure with a few bobby pins before securing with hairspray.

If your curls get tangled in the bobby pins, don’t stop! You’ll soon see that this closed-eye hairstyle will succeed in no time at all and using only an elastic band.

3 Banana Bunch – A Simple Hairstyle for All Hair Lengths
simple hair cutting

Although this hairstyle looks a little complicated, it’s actually very easy to do on your own if you have short to medium length hair. You’ll need chignon tongs to create the banana bun.

If you have just washed your hair, gently blow dry it with a diffuser, making sure it is still slightly damp.

Tilt your head forward and twist your hair in a single coil, starting from the neck to the top of your skull. Once you reach the top of your head, tie the rest of the wick with large tongs so it doesn’t fall off again. Lift the head up and secure the twist with bun clips. Remove the large tongs, then hide your points inside the torsade, securing it well. Secure with nail polish, done!

4 Braided bun – a simple hairstyle for weddings

simple hair cutting

The perfect hairstyle for a wedding or just to draw attention to yourself! Your hair must reach a certain length in order for the hairstyle to turn out beautiful. As for the “stuff”, three elastic bands and a few flat tweezers are enough.

Divide your hair into three equal parts and make three identical braids, which you tie at the points with rubber bands. Then twist the braids by attaching them to the base of the skull with flat tweezers to make a big bundle. Don’t forget to hide the elastics to make the hairstyle perfect.

For a bucolic vibe, consider bringing in some wildflowers; guaranteed effect!

Easy combing with a scarf

5  An indispensable accessory that will please both long hair and very short hair!

simple hair cutting

Put on a nice scarf, not too big or too thick, and fold it to make a headband. Then place the center under your neck, and connect the two ends at the top of your forehead. Tie the last two tightly, and then hide the ends under the headband, securing with pliers if necessary.

Even in a casual look, you will look very dressy.  As long as you choose the right motif!