Four golden rules to keep your bed

  • Ventilated bed regularly:

Aeration is essential to ensure good hygiene of your mattress. For this, open the windows of the room and let air for a good ten minutes.

Do this on a daily basis, but also when changing sheets.

At this time, it is also advisable to vacuum on the visible surface to eliminate dead skin and small waste that can become embedded.


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  • Choose a good mattress protector:

A mattress will remain clean as long as it is adequately protected. Just buy a mattress protector that can be easily washed by yourself.

Choosing a quality fabric will increase the life and hygiene of the bedding, protecting it from sweat stains but also urine or blood stain.

  • Keep the bedding clean:

Baking soda is an effective natural deodorant to maintain the mattress. Spread it evenly by lightly brushing, which will penetrate directly into the fibers of the mattress.

After this step, leave on for half an hour and then vacuum the remaining bicarbonate.

A pleasant smell will come off the mattress, but that’s not all. The properties of baking soda also act against mold and mites. Enough to maintain hygiene effectively with this deodorant simple and chemical-free!Baking

  • Bed-making:

A mattress will last longer if worn evenly at the coil springs. These maintain the body and provide a very important support.

Adapting habits as well as certain reflexes will keep the mattress in good conditions over time.

Manufacturers recommend returning it every fortnight during the first three months, which will provide good comfort and minimize wear. It will then repeat the operation every two months.

How to return a mattress? It should not only turn it in the vertical direction but also invert the head and feet by turning it over.