French sequins – a brilliant classic


Universal jacket will always be relevant. It is ideal for any shape of nails and their length, helps to create a harmonious and fashionable coating that will be worthy of any holiday. French is often combined with different decor, but sparkles are very popular.


French with a shiny tip

An interesting creation of a jacket with the help of sparkles, which highlight the smile zone. The method always looks beautiful on different shapes and lengths of nails, so there are no restrictions on its selection. In the classic version, it is better to take silver and gold sparkles, but white, black, pink, red and others will do.

French with a shiny base

The base can be shiny, but the smile zone is not. Although, it is allowed to play with shades of sequins and create a shiny base and smile zone. The main thing here is to choose the right tone to make a noticeable distinction. In the classic form, a glitter gel is used, which covers the nail bed.

Creating an Accent

Regardless of the type of jacket, one or a couple of nails are highlighted with sparkles to create an accent on them. Accent can be created in any way, not just sparkles. The main thing is not to use the decor on all nails at once, because the idea of ​​​​the accent will disappear.

French with kamifubuki

In addition to sparkles, bright kamifubuki are very well suited to the jacket. They have a large fraction, it is easier and easier to work with them, and the shape allows you to lay out different patterns from them.

Design for long nails

French is perfect for very long nails. He embellishes them with his brilliant design without allowing for a vulgar manicure look. Still, the long length of the nails has always been considered too catchy and vulgar, and a shiny jacket will help smooth out this impression.

Multicolored shiny design

The highlight of the jacket is multi-colored sparkles. They can highlight the smile zone or the base of the nail, where each nail is allowed to be highlighted in its own color. If creativity and skills allow, then on one nail it will be beautiful to combine several colors of sparkles at once.

Stylish design

The stylish design includes a jacket in an unusual interpretation, with the addition of nail decor in the form of stones, rhinestones, acrylic powder and foil. Sequins are considered a must-have decoration here, but other nail accessories can also be added to them. An unusual image of the smile zone, in the form of oblique and parallel lines, will add a special charm to the jacket.

Shiny french ombre

An unusual French ombre is created using a technique that beautifully interweaves one color into another. The gel polish itself may contain glitter pollen, or they can be applied already on top of the finished coating.

Festive jacket

A festive jacket will help to really play out your fantasies. The abundance of sparkles that can cover each nail will not be a surprise. A large fraction of sequins, sparkling rhinestones and foil added to the design are all components of a festive shiny jacket.


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