Green-pink hair – marshmallow hair coloring


Pink hair color is already difficult to surprise someone. But if you combine it with green, you get a fantastic mixture of colors that can definitely attract increased attention to your person.


Color Features

Such coloring is very popular in America, and such a trend came to us not so long ago. Pink has many beautiful shades, from delicate to rich and deep. With it, it is very easy to create incredibly beautiful coloring for any hair length. Green, in turn, does not lag behind pink, because it contains a wide tint palette.

Master colorists can create an amazing play of colors on the hair, where each shade of pink and green will look completely different. Below is a selection of cool ideas where you can definitely find your own unique coloring option.

Cool ideas for different lengths and types of hair


If you want to surprise others, then coloring a watermelon is ideal for you. It looks best on medium length hair, so a bob or bob haircut works well.

More green

Don’t like a lot of pink? No problem! After all, you can give your hair more green. The bangs, top and part of the hair up to the middle and more are dyed with this color. The effect is incredible.

Punk style

For women and girls who feel like rebels, punk coloring and haircuts work well. This choice is more relevant for young girls and teenage girls.

Coloring a few strands

To create a light coloring without brightness allows the selection of only a few strands.

The game of shades

Pink and green includes many shades that will be very beautiful to combine together on the same hair length.

Triple coloring

Green and pink are incredibly harmoniously combined with blue. Such coloring is quite difficult to perform, so it is important to find a professional colorist who can make this a reality.

Large strokes of green

A non-standard approach to dyeing, where the master specially highlights the strands in a green tone with wide stripes. The bangs, if any, and the other part of the hair are dyed pink.

cool pixie

A cool pixie with bright acid green and hints of pink can easily decorate any girl. It is clear that such staining rejuvenates the image.

puppet image

The puppet image is very easy to create. The master selects beautiful and delicate shades of green and pink, and then dyes the hair in half. The doll effect itself is created by a hairstyle with two cute ponytails. The hairstyle looks great with any kind of bangs!


Lime green is an unusually delicate and refreshing color. It will give the hair a little volume and help emphasize the dark skin tone.

Light freshness

If you want something light and airy, then you should pay attention to the refreshing menthol and pink glaze. It will be effective to dye your hair half and half.

Light coloring

Coloring makes it possible to independently choose which strands will be painted in one color or another. Therefore, an easy and unpretentious effect is guaranteed!

Fashion square

Kare and without fashionable coloring is considered an incomparable classic. The pink and green bob creates something original and unique on your head.

Sea breeze

The greenish marine color is very complex in the whole palette. It is advantageous to combine it with delicate pink, blue and mother-of-pearl. The sea breeze is ideal on long and wavy hair.

Gentle option

Almost weightless pink, delicately hides under a no less delicate light green color. This coloring is very feminine and suitable for fragile girls.

Ombre pink to green

A bright and elegant ombre with a pink top and green hair ends is always an unbeatable style. Ombre is suitable for medium and long hair, and also goes well with any type of bangs.

pastel shades

Pastel and delicate shades of pink and green create a calm and easy look. Coloring may not completely affect all hair, where the native roots of the hair may remain in their natural color.

Half green and half pink

The most popular option is half hair in green and half in pink!


The rainbow technique is very complex, because it includes additional colors and shades. But the result is fantastic!

Blurred effect

The lightest and lightest version of coloring in green and pink is like washed out shades. From the outside, it seems as if the bright color of the hair has already washed off and only one shadow remains of them.

green bangs

It is easy to choose a suitable shade from green, for example, light green. Light green bright and catchy. It gently harmonizes with pink, so the image certainly turns out to be successful.

Sweet marshmallow

Sweet marshmallow is a real field for experiments with different shades and colors. This is a very bold choice that will give a magical result.

Color mixing

Mixing colors allows direct mixing of green, pink and plus an additional tone in one container. Further, the hair is dyed with a similar composition and something amazing is obtained.

The game of tonality

As we wrote above, pink and green have many beautiful shades. So, it will be very easy to pick up interesting tones among themselves, creating a beautiful play of colors.

Fuchsia and emerald

The fuchsia is rich, and the emerald is an incredibly deep color. This coloring will not leave anyone indifferent!

Checkerboard coloring

In a chess style, green and pink will look very good. Hair is divided into peculiar squares-cells. One master paints in green, the other in pink. Obliquely, the cells appear in one color, which makes the staining very unusual and creative.

Bright and saturated colors

Very catchy and bright green and pink colors always look stunning. Charmingly try this method, and you will definitely be satisfied.