Haircuts after 60 from different angles: 25 charming ideas


After 60 years, most women do haircuts. Hair becomes brittle and dull, it is difficult to maintain hair length below the shoulder line. Thinking about what type of haircut to choose, you should take into account the condition and texture of the hair, age-related changes in the face and neck.

Pixies for ladies 60+ from different angles

One of the popular haircuts of our days is a short and perky pixie. Young people love it, middle-aged women wear it with pleasure, and for ladies after 60, it adds a fair amount of freshness and originality.

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Sitting in the chair of the master, you should study with him the current state of the hair from different angles and choose a pixie variation. If there is no need to mask age-related wrinkles in the front of the face, then you can make a haircut without bangs or make it as short as possible. From a lateral perspective, you need to look at the condition of the cheeks – on the left or right, you can leave a couple of strands elongated. The rear view also requires a separate study.

The classic version of the caret

If the hair is very thin and sparse, the classic bob, beloved by everyone, will be the best choice. This feminine haircut will make your hair look more voluminous from all three angles.

The classic caret implies a mandatory bang. It is better for ladies with curvaceous shapes and a round face to refuse straight bangs – so from the front angle the face will look a little flattened. It is better to make an elongated side bang, which, if necessary, can be tucked behind the ear. Behind the hair can be cut in a straight line or form the so-called square “on the leg”. If the shape of the head requires it, the strands can be lifted at the crown, making a light pile.

Graduated haircuts: front, back and side view

Sometimes after 60 years it is difficult to immediately give up long hair, especially if you are used to it over the years. A compromise is possible – one of such haircuts as an elongated bob, ladder or cascade.

An elongated bob is a great option for a full face, you can mask the cheeks and neck folds. A short flight of stairs and a cascade for medium-length hair will give the necessary volume at the back and side. Hair will look well-groomed and neat, forming an overall impression of the image.

A neat, stylish hairstyle will help mature ladies look younger – but for this you need to study in advance how the haircut will look from different angles.

What haircut do you wear? Tell us in the comments what it looks like from different angles.

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