Haircuts with a short nape for women 40-50 years: 14 seductive ideas


A short nape in a haircut is not only comfortable, but also very seductive.

For ladies 40-50 years such a haircut will reveal all the sensuality of her image, emphasize a magnificent neck and create a voluminous cap of hair on the crown.

In the material we will tell you what female haircuts with a short nape are best suited for fashionistas in the age of 40-50 years.



Pixie haircuts with a short back of the head for ladies 40-50 years old

Women 40-50 years old are often advised to choose short haircuts. The peculiarity of such a proposal is that the short length will simplify hair care, facilitate the process of creating everyday hairstyles, but at the same time the image of the lady will always be feminine and stylish.

Among all the short haircuts many people distinguish the pixie with a short or shaved nape. It looks very effective just on ladies 40-50 years old, who put comfort and attractiveness of the image on the first place.


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