Hairstyles to Avoid in 2023


The age of 40-50 years leaves a certain imprint on the image of a woman. You can no longer go to the stylist and get the first haircut that caught your eye. A mistake can become fatal, instead of a stylish and new image, the lady will only build herself up even more. So that a woman after 40 can always look fashionable, we advise you to find out from our article which haircuts are in anti-trends in 2023.

Short haircut with thick bangs

Women over 40 sometimes need extra volume on their hair. And some of the ladies make a terrible mistake – they choose a lush, even bang. Interestingly, they also additionally make it even more voluminous with the help of brushing. Due to the imbalance, the face will look larger, thus wrinkles will be visible. In 2023, it is better to choose light oblique and elongated bangs that make the image airy.


Long haircut without bangs

Ladies 40-50 years old in 2023 should give up long haircuts. Nobody argues that long curls are very feminine, but without proper care it will be difficult to achieve the perfect look. Also, stylists advise ladies not to take risks, but always do bangs. It has been proven that bangs are an anti-aging detail, but only if you choose the right model.