Healing the Harmony of Your Body


You need to understand your body and get synchronized with your mind and soul.
In order for you to have them communicate well, you need to make amends in your lifestyle if needed. You need to eat a healthy diet – you really have to understand this – or if you really need to detoxify your body, cleanse and get a better flow of energy, you must do it. You need to focus on doing what is good for your body to attain the state of ultimate health and beauty.

Healing the Harmony of Your Body

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When your body is toxic it means your organs – liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, skin – are unable to eliminate impurities. Every cell in your body can be affected leaving you feeling and looking ill.

The detoxification process helps you to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.
What do you do when you want to cleanse your body from toxins? You can have a dietary regimen intended for cleansing. In with the good and out with the toxins is the way to go. You should eat fresh fruits, raw vegetables, greens; organic nuts and seeds for high fiber and you can drink herbal teas.

Toxins can come from the food you eat – from the food additives and pesticides, genetically modified foods, food dyes, and processed goods. Stress can create toxins. When you get stressed your serotonin levels increase and cause you to have mood swings and also memory stress. There can be toxins in the water you drink,
water that is chlorinated or full of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms. You can even become toxic from medicines you take when you get sick. The air you breathe can be toxic with smog, vehicle and factory emissions. Smoking is a major cause of toxicity. That is why it is important to regularly detoxify.

A Detox Diet requires eating healthy fresh, organic and naturally grown greens, veggies, and fruits. This helps add fiber to your body that filters bad toxins and leaves the good bacteria in your body to restore your energy and immune system. There is also one type of detox which is skin detox. The largest organ in your body is the skin and it needs to be taken care of to be beautiful inside and out. You can even detox by doing exercise, which makes you sweat out toxins in your body, enhancing the good flow of the blood and saving yourself from being prone to being sick all the time. Plus, you can try saunas, hot yoga, body scrubs to eliminate dead skin cells, helping regenerate a good and smooth surface to the skin.

Some of these detoxification methods can be a little pricey: spa retreat detox services, body wraps, colonic irrigation, and prescribed regimens. So instead, try some of the suggestions at the end of this chapter.

When going through any detoxification process hydration is essential. You need to intake lots of water and might also include unsweetened fresh coconut water, vegetable juices or green tea.

Once again, a full-body massage can be beneficial and speed up detoxification by helping to flush lactic acid from your body.


Detox options:

1. Fasting. Start small. Eat only within an 8-hour period each day for a few days. (For some people, they have made this their lifestyle). Work yourself up to a full 24-hour period with nothing except lots of water. Eventually, this is something you might even do once a week.


2. Fruits and veggies. For three days eat only fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables. Eat at least half of them raw but with absolutely no additives. Don’t overdo the fruits because of the sugar content.


3. Juices. Do this for up to three days. You really need a juicer to make your own fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The majority of the juices should be vegetable because of the high sugar content in fruit juices. If you find this too tough, you can supplement with a little vegetable soup or a few fresh fruits and veg.


4. Smoothies. Usually, this would usually last a week. Use a base of fresh fruit or veggie juice or non-dairy milk (unsweetened almond milk is great).
You can add berries, vegetables, green powder, ground flaxseed, even protein powder.


5. Teas. Green tea is a common brew for detoxing. It also improves immunity and has been shown to help prevent some degenerative diseases. Start your morning with lemon slices in boiled water then drink green tea throughout the day. At night, drink a colon cleanse tea. There are several blends readily available.

Take note! Whichever cleanse you choose it is vital that you drink plenty of pure water.