Here Are 13 Acne Myths You Should Stop Believing


It is imperative that you determine which factors actually trigger and make your acne worse as well as the factors that will not actually affect your acne.
Thus, here are acne myths which we have debunked for you.

Acne Myths

By Vladimir Gjorgiev /


#1 Eating greasy foods and chocolates will aggravate your acne

These types of foods have been proven to have no effect on the development or the worsening of acne.

#2 Having dirty skin causes acne.

We have all heard that line where people tell you that poor hygiene causes acne. Acne is not triggered by dirt. Did you know that scrubbing your skin too hard and too much or using harsh chemicals on your skin can make your acne worse? This, you simply need to clean your skin to remove the excess oils and the dead skin cells on it. It would be best to wash your face once or twice a day with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. You can then execute gentle motions whilst washing your face. You do not need scrubbing or using harmful abrasives to clean your face. Do make sure that the second time you are to wash your face would be in the evening so that all your makeup as well as the dirt and the sweat excreted by your skin during the day shall be washed away.
Excessively washing your face will only further irritate your skin and will cause the pores to become clogged. Using a washcloth can cause even more irritation to your skin. It is best to wash using your bare hands instead.

#3 Squeeze out those pimples

It is tempting to squeeze those pimples that crop up so that it would not be that noticeable anymore. We have all tried doing this so that a clogged up pore would open up but by doing this,you are only causing more inflammation which then causes your acne to look worse and last longer. Just leave your pimples alone.

#4 Eating junk food will trigger acne and even worsen it

You may have been told that consuming foods which are greasy or sweet can cause and even worsen acne breakout. Numerous people with acne have oily skin and that is why people thought that greasy foods should not be eaten when one has acne. There have been numerous studies which were conducted which inferred that when a person eats French fries, chocolates, and cheeseburgers it does not affect the state of their skin, although consuming milk can increase one’s risk of developing acne. A diet which is low in sugar content and which is high in fiber would be beneficial for people who have acne.

#5 Acne goes away without you doing anything

There are so many treatments out there. You should not allow acne to ruin your skin when you have the capacity of preventing such damage. You should take advantage of the treatments offered for acne instead of waiting for it to disappear.

#6 Tanning beds can make acne go away

Studies have shown that ultraviolet light has no such effect on acne. Tanning will only damage your skin and can even increase your risk of having skin cancer.

#7 Drying out your blemishes will clear them out

This is not true. Drying out your skin will only cause further irritation and this should be avoided. When the moisture in your skin is all gone then you are hindering your skin from healing itself and in fighting off the inflammation.
Also, this will only increase the growth of bacteria.

#8 Stress causes acne

Stress does not cause acne but stress can have an effect on your hormones.
Because of this, it may promote acne although there are so many other factors that can trigger acne. Stress on its own does not have this effect on your skin.

#9 Spot treating your pimples is a good idea

When you only treat specific portions of your skin, you are letting other portions go untreated. This causes the formation of blemishes in other areas which are not being treated. You will be fighting a losing battle by doing this.
It is possible that you can reduce the redness and the inflammation of a particular blemish by making use of Benzoyl Peroxide products or those with Salicylic Acid but doing such would not stop other blemishes from cropping up. It would be best for you to employ a holistic approach when it comes to treating your acne.

#10 The sun can cure your acne

There is some data that can show you that exposing yourself to direct sunlight can speed up the clearing up of your existing acne over the short term. However, during this process, the sun will also turn your skin red, then damage it and dry it out. You now have a sunburn and irritated acne due to sun exposure which will then cause your skin to take more time to heal itself. Expose your- self to sunlight only until 10 AM so that you can have your daily dose of Vitamin D without worsening your acne.

#11 Sex causes acne

There is no scientific basis for this myth. This myth probably stems from the elevated levels of androgens which cause an increased sex drive. Hormones like androgen can trigger the onset of acne and not the increase in sexual activity.

#12 A tingling sensation is a sign that the treatment or the product is working

When you are experiencing a tingling sensation after applying a product, this means that your skin has been further irritated by the product you just applied. This is your body’s way of telling you to stop applying such product since doing so is detrimental to the health of your skin. Ingredients that have been known to irritate your skin are alcohol, peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol. It would be better if you check the label of the product you are about to buy so that you would not be wasting money on products which will just irritate your skin.

#13 Expensive skin care products will cause your acne to clear up much sooner.

This is not true. There are products that are so expensive but can further aggravate your acne because your skin has a reaction to them. It would be better to opt for products that are gentle so that you can be assured that your skin would not be irritated. There are products in the market which are expensive since they were made for people with acne. Hence, these products may work for some but not for other people. Be particular in buying products for your skin. It would be wise to ask for a sample first to try it out before buying it.