Homemade Body Scrub


When it comes to body scrub three basic ingredients are needed, even those you pick from the stores and super markets have these primary ingredients in them.
The three main ingredients include:

  • Exfoliant: Exfoliants are gritty ingredients like sugar, salt, oatmeal among others. It is often advisable to use a dissolvent substance like salt or sugar to avoid choking your drain or causing a mess to your tub.
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In choosing to use sugar, you can either use brown sugar or white sugar.
Major prefer using the brown sugar for its nice aroma when mixed with vanilla essential oil. Others also prefer to use coffee for its immense health benefit.
The caffeine in coffee is an effective vasoconstrictor helping blood vessels to constrict when applied to the skin. The caffeine in it temporarily helps to reduce rosacea and abnormally swollen veins.

Oatmeal seems to be the most gentle among the numerous exfoliant you can think of.
It softens in water and hydrates the skin, it is very essential for dry and itchy skin. There are other numerous options you can try on your own at home.

The list cannot be exhausted, there are a lot like groundnut shells, wheat, ground rice, almond meal and many other safe ingredients you can think about and give a try.

Base Oil:  The base oil holds the mixture together and keeps your skin moisturized.
It is advisable to know your skin type; thick greasy base oil is suitable for dry skin while thin greasy base oil will be suitable for a less dry skin type.

Applying thick greasy base oil to a less dry skin makes it difficult to properly wash down Exfoliant thus leaving your skin greasy and stuffy.

You can choose from a range of base oil products such as sunflower oil, candlenut oil, grape seed oil and many others.

Fragrance: Add some fragrance to your body scrub. Include sweet-scented essential oils to give you a sweet scent, personalize it by mixing a few of these essential oils. Design and create your own body scent; it’s advisable not to avoid synthetic fragrance.

Let’s take one of these ingredients and prepare our body scrub. We’ll begin with our all known brown sugar.


  • 1 cup of fine brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup of sunflower oil
  • 1 tablespoon of frankincense


Pour the sugar into a small ball, add your sunflower oil and thoroughly stir to achieve a uniform mix.
Gradually but continuously add your essential oil while you continue to stir.
Continue with the process until you attain a desired sandy moist.


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