Homemade Herbal Rinse

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This rinse balances the pH of your scalp, reduces the buildup of hair care products after hair conditioning. It gives your hair the shine it deserves and helps the manageability of your hair.
Importance of Herbal Rinse

By Anna Berdnik / shutterstock.com
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1. Fights against and heals inflammation.
2. Heals chemical and synthetic hair treatments skin problems
3. Serves as a dandruff treatment.
4. Reduces hair grease.


Herbs (check table below)
2 cups distilled water
Dark glass container
Normal-Dry Hair: 3 tbsps dried chamomile, 3 tbsps lavender
Thinning Hair/Oily Hair/Dandruff: 3 tbsps dried peppermint, 3 tbsps rosemary.


1. Combine herb blends and distilled water together into a mixing bowl.
2. Transfer into a pot and bring to a boil over medium-high heat.
3. Take off heat and set aside for 60 minutes to release flavors.
4. Use a mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain out herbs.
5. Transfer herbal hair rinse into a dark glass bottle.
6. Apply by gently rubbing the rinse into your hair and scalp with your hands.
7. Wash out and pat dry.