How to choose a bracelet for a stylish look? Expert advice Image!


People have always used original accessories to complete their look. And not always these were products made of precious metals. Very often, for the production of stylish wardrobe items, leather, textiles, and plastic have been used and continue to be used.


A special niche among accessories is occupied by fashion branded bracelets. If desired, a person can choose a product of different thickness, design and material. Stylists Image recommend that every fashionista and every fashionista have bracelets in their arsenal, because they can tell without words about the wonderful sense of taste of their owner.

Criterias of choice

A successful modern man always has a stylish bracelet in his jewelry box, which harmoniously harmonizes with both a business suit and casual clothes. To choose a universal product that will be unique at the same time, stylists recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • Manufacturing material. As a rule, elegant accessories are made of genuine leather, a modern alloy. Items made of combined materials look great.
  • Accessory length. Naturally, the bracelet should not pinch the wrist, but even if it falls off the hand, it is also not good. The ideal parameters are: 1-2 cm are added to the volume of the arm.
  • Product width. On a thin wrist, wide leather or steel accessories look rude and ridiculous, and vice versa, if the brush is voluminous, then a thin bracelet will simply be lost on it.
  • The design of the item, which is selected individually. Under a business suit, it is better to wear a bracelet, the color of which will match the shade of the belt or shoes. But more extravagant models are perfect for a party.

Naturally, there are certain events that require a specific dress code. In such cases, it is better to abandon creative accessories, leaving them to complement the everyday look. Their extraordinary performance, combining classics and new fashion trends, will surely charm everyone around, and certainly will not leave its owner unattended.

Whatever bracelet is chosen – flat or voluminous, wide or thin, consisting of one or more materials, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the outfit and is appropriate for the destination. Professional imidge stylists recommend choosing exactly the product that you like. Only in this way it will be actively used in the image, and will not gather dust forgotten in the box.