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Makeup schools and academies offer a variety of specialized courses. Some courses are designed to help you build skills specific to your career path in addition to teaching makeup application techniques. Others focus only on makeup application techniques.

How to Choose a Makeup School

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One of the greatest benefits of a makeup school is that you have an instructor to guide you and answer questions you may have. It also consists of a structured learning plan that specifies what topics must be understood.
A disadvantage of a makeup school can be the price. Courses can run between a hundred to several thousand dollars. Because it is such a considerable investment, there are many things to be aware of before choosing a school…
Do Your Research!
All makeup schools are not created equal. The truth is, fraud and misrepresentation do exist. There are stories all over the internet about fly by night schools.
These schools will put up a professional-looking website and basically tell you anything you want to hear. Once you fall for the fake pictures, testimonials and credentials they’ll ask for some money to reserve your seat in the class.

After “reserving your seat” you’ll soon discover there is no class, the phone number is disconnected and somehow the website vanished into thin air!
Please don’t fall victim to these horrible scams. Do your research before handing any money over to anyone. In order to assist you, we compiled a few resources that can provide you useful information: Visit

  •  Click Q & A in the menu to see reported School Scams, Student-School
    Agreement & more info about choosing the right school.

Do a Google search for:

  •  (Makeup school name) + scam
  •  Look for Reviews and opinions

Check with:

Inquire if the school is operating legally in the state they’re in:
Contact the State Board of Education and give them the school’s name. You can also visit the National Association of State Boards of Education at for more info.
If possible try to visit the school in person. Do the pictures match the website?
Is it clean and well kept? What is the overall vibe you get?

The Next Step

If a school checks out as far as scams go, the next step is to find out about the quality of the education they provide. We encourage you to ask the following questions. You may be able to find the answers on the school’s website. If not, the school’s admissions director should be able to assist you.

  •  Is the curriculum general or does it specialize in one specific area?
  •  Do you provide “safe beauty” or “makeup hygiene” training?
  •  How much time is actually spent on reading from a textbook vs. hands-on practice?
  •  What credentials/experience does my instructor have? Can I see their published work?
  •  Will I receive a diploma/certificate when I complete the course?
  •  Can I receive pro artist discounts on makeup and supplies with my diploma/cert?
  •  Does the cost of the class include a kit to practice with?
  •  Are there any materials that the cost of the course does not cover?
  •  Will I be building a portfolio? Will the school provide a professional photographer?
  •  Does the school provide models to practice on or will I be required to bring in my own?
  •  Does the course focus on career guidance, business training & marketing?
  •  Does the school offer apprenticeship, intern programs or job placement assistance?
  •  Is student financing available?

While this research process can be time-consuming, it can definitely save you money and headaches down the road.
The most important thing to remember is never hand over any money until you are 100% sure about a school’s professional credibility.

Helpful Resources
To find a directory of credible makeup schools around the world visit &