How to clean a refrigerator and keep it clean


Your refrigerator is an essential part of your kitchen. It keeps food fresh and prevents contamination from bacteria. That’s why it’s better to clean it regularly. Here’s how to keep your fridge clean every day!

clean a refrigerator


✔️ Step 1

Completely empty the refrigerator. Throw away damaged, smelly, or expired items. Place perishables (milk, raw fish, etc.) in a cooler and the rest on a surface where it won’t bother you.

✔️ 2nd step

Take out all removable parts of the refrigerator – drawers and shelves. Set them aside while you fill the sink with soapy water. Wait until the drawers and shelves are at room temperature before immersing them in this water, so that they do not crack on contact with the heat.

✔️ Step 3

Clean the inside of the fridge with a solution of water and a mild, non-toxic, food-safe soap; use a soft cloth, sponge, or scouring pad. To remove stubborn stains and odors, rub with a paste of baking soda and water. Clean crumbs and debris from the rubber of the door with an old toothbrush or a butter knife wrapped in a rag.

✔️ Step 4

Once the interior is sparkling, close the door and let your fridge cool again. Meanwhile, wash removable items in the sink. While they’re drying, do a quick clean out of the freezer by throwing out items that have been there for a long time or that you won’t be using; clean off crumbs and drips. Then run a sponge or microfiber cloth soaked in a solution of mild soap and water on the outside of your refrigerator. Take a specific product, if it is stainless steel, and rub up and down in the direction of the grain.

✔️ Step 5

Put the removable parts back in place and fill the fridge. Remove crumbs and sticky residue from items before placing them. For their conservation, and before completely filling your fridge,

✔️ Clean a refrigerator with vinegar

Prepare a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water, this is the ideal formula for cleaning a fridge. Keep the rest of the mixture in a labeled spray bottle, it will be used to remove the stains.

✔️ To keep your fridge clean

These tips will allow you to space out the big cleanings:

  • Get into the habit of doing a quick clean before filling your fridge after shopping.
  • Throw out old foods and wipe up crumbs and spills before placing your groceries.
  • Stick plastic wrap on the shelves. You just need to replace it when it is stained.
  • Arrange condiments and small jars (olives or sauces) on a turntable, so you don’t forget them.