How to Clean Your Home Fast


The first thing to learn is how you can clean your home fast. It’s really simple, and you can get it done super-fast. This chapter will give you general guidelines and rules of thumb, and then exactly how to speed clean for success.

How to Clean Your Home Fast
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General Guidelines

There are a few guidelines that you should follow when speed cleaning.
This makes everything so much easier for you if you do this.
You should start to keep your cleaners on hand.
Keep the shower cleaner near the shower and spray after use.
Likewise, store your toilet brush in a container of bleach and ten replace it once a week when you clean.
You should try to work on creating storage as well whenever you do have some free time. A house is much easier to manage if you have a place for everything.
If you need to collect items and put them in a space in another room, get a large laundry basket and at the end put it away.
Make sure you start at one end and go from there to the other side. Don’t go to the middle and branch out. It won’t be as efficient
Along with this, clean all glass at the end. Get any glass doors and windows at the end, and you can do this with bathroom mirrors and fixtures as well, but you don’t have to.
You shouldn’t sweep and vacuum right away. Do all of that at the end. You should use an industrial mop to get the floors each day, and typically, if you do this, you can run it over the floors and then shake it. You can vacuum three times a week to keep it up.


Start by taking the disinfectant wipes or a rag and some spray and then wipe down the sink areas, the shower, and also the tub. If there is glass, remember to save it for last.
Take the disinfectant wipes, or the rag that you have, and then wipe down the toilet seat hand the floor around it if there isn’t anything to sweep up.
You should take toilet bowl cleaner and squirt it into there. Let it sit to disinfect while you do the rest. Take the toilet brush and then scrub the toilet, the rim of it, and the seat of it, making sure that it is fully cleaned up.

Living room/dining room/office area
For each area of this, you should take about 10-15 minutes on each. To begin, you should get your basket, and pick up any shoes, clothing items, toys, and dishes that might be lying around and need a place.
Do you have an office? Check to see the state of it and if there are papers about.
If so, you should grab each of them and from there, put them away in the proper spots. If there isn’t a good spot for all of it, make sure to place it within a “pending” basket so that it looks neat, but at a later time, do take care of it. It’ll make everything a lot easier.


Now comes the kitchen, which should take about 10-15 minutes, depending on how much you have to put away. By this point, you should have a few dishes you’ve collected. Take them and put them next to the sink. If there are any dishes that are still around, put them there as well. If you have items that don’t belong in the kitchen, put them in the basket to be put away. You should then unload and load the dishwasher if you so need to.

If you have anything that is supposed to be hand-washed, such as any pans and pots, you should hand wash them as well.
Take the spray you have and wipe down all of the surfaces with the water, using a disinfectant in the areas that have a lot of grime.

If you have any hand-washed dishes, you should dry them with a towel and put them away. Make sure to drain out your sink and clean it up so that it’s fully cleaned. You should make sure to dry and put away any dishes laying about so that they’re not in the open and looking offensive.

Now we have the final touches. These were mentioned before. First, take care of the floors. You want to do the floors before anything else. If you need to sweep, do so, otherwise use the extension on whatever vacuum that you have and clean it with that. After that, you can proceed to use a mop.
For the mop, try to use a dry one. You should start by wiping down the surfaces.

If you need to, get a sponge and further take down any of the surfaces and corners that look unsightly. You don’t have to spend a ton of time doing this, but it’s ideal that you at least spend a little bit of time making sure that the floor is taken care of.

The rugs are included in this. Once the floors are fully completed, it’s time to tackle the rugs. For area rugs, take them out and clean them out by moving it up and down. Actually vacuum the other rugs. Go from the inner parts of the room to the outer parts.

Take the glass cleaner and clean all glass surfaces and mirrors. Make sure that your rag is lint-free since it’ll get gunk on the mirrors if so. You should make sure that you get the bathroom fixtures as well for an added touch. When doing these, work horizontally and go from the top towards your bottom areas.

Finally, put away anything that isn’t already put away. Do this quickly, since you might not have a ton of time left, and you probably don’t want to spend a bunch of time doing it either.
That’s it. That’s how you speed clean a home.
It’s so simple, and yet so effective that you’ll be able to get it done fast.


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