Cockroaches have become a common sight in the Australia it no longer constitutes a surprise when they are seen flying about or even directly launching an attack on someone.

Their presence being an eyesore isn’t the only trouble with them but the fact that they carry about a whole lot of deadly pathogens.
There are a good number of ways to get rid of cockroaches. But first, let’s take a look at some details about these pesty creatures in order to effectively get rid of them.

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Brief Description of What They Are

Out of the over 4000 species of cockroaches all over the world, only a few of them are parasitic. With about 450 species of large brown yellow-streaked wing cockroaches found in Australia others such as the smaller and light brown-colored species and the large reddish-brown species can be found in places like Germany, Africa and America.

What Beckons on them?

Before you can successfully get rid of cockroaches and put an end to the disaster they cause in your home, you first and foremost have to understand what lures and keeps them in your home.
Cockroaches are easily drawn to foods, paper, damp clothes, soaps and glue. Therefore, avoid leaving leftovers, used dishes, and food equipment around your home. Dispose your waste bin on a regular basis and always keep it closed with its surrounding clean.

Cockroaches get quite comfortable under humid conditions, so be sure to keep the environment around your bathrooms and kitchens neat and tidy. Clean up hidden parts of appliances, sinks and drains on a regular basis if you wish to keep them out.

How to Keep Them Away

While cockroaches are believed to be able to survive the worst conditions, there are still a good number of ways to get rid of them. Read more on the next page


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