How to keep bread fresh longer?


Bread has remained, despite the change in our eating habits, the favorite food of the French. It complements dishes or becomes the basis for sandwich breads that are so quick to prepare and eat. However, in the open air, it quickly loses its softness, stale and dehydrated.

Buying bread every day from the baker is difficult for you and you don’t want to waste food, so here’s a trick to keep bread for more than two weeks.

White bread, wholemeal bread, rye bread… and, of course, a baguette! There is almost a type of bread for every need. You can’t buy bread every day, you want it to last longer, so you opted for sliced ​​and wrapped bread, offering beautiful square slices of bread. And another problem: after three or four days, when the bread is half eaten … it must be thrown away! Mold has penetrated the bark and began to attack the baby. You are at risk of food poisoning. Don’t worry, here’s a trick to keep it up to fifteen days if not more!



To save your bread, you have tried many ways. Starting with a bread box. Stuffing fresh bread into a kitchen towel was easy, but it’s no more than three days. So, you tried to freeze… Thawed bread is more moist, and after a few hours, on the contrary, it dries up. you wanted to go to making homemade bread… Equipping yourself with a new food processor was not your primary concern. You have selected sliced, wrapped, sliced ​​and whole grain bread. From now on, keep a close eye on its expiration date. It also lasts about six days … In this short time, you can go further.

good sandwich

Dehydration and mold will disappear, and the bread will last for a long time.

To do this, you must leave your bread in the refrigerator. Low temperatures limit the growth of bacteria. In a plastic bag, the bread will retain its softness. However, the moisture from the bread will condense on the plastic, which can lead to mold. So, take your scissors and make holes on the top and bottom of the bag. A few small holes so that the bread can only “breathe”. You will be surprised to see that your sliced ​​bread will last more than two weeks! Likewise, the bread of the same variety in the family version, which you always keep on hand for surprise visits or pajama parties…

In a refrigerator with “static cold” for a good preservation of food, Choosing the right place for food delivery. Your bread will not end up in the “vegetable basket” where the temperature is above 6°C and the humidity is high. Nor, moreover, in the uppermost zone, the “fresh zone”, where dairy products, boiled vegetables, boiled meat and fish are placed. It is in the intermediate zone, known as the “cold zone” between 0 and 4°C, that your packaged bread will last a long time. In a ventilated refrigerator, put it wherever you want.

bread in the fridge

If the cold temperature limits the exponential development of bacteria, then all this is short-lived. In the refrigerator, it is important to establish certain rules. Raw meat, no more than 24 hours! Egg stuff too. Packaged boiled meat, opened can of milk or cream: no more than 3 days. You will store and consume your products in order. Also make sure you have good cling wrap or special boxes.

Bread can be stored for more than two weeks in a plastic bag and in the refrigerator. For storage, place it in the “cold zone”, in a clean and tidy refrigerator.

Not all breads keep well.

It is important to know that white, rustic, and gluten-free breads have a shorter shelf life due to their composition. This also applies to pre-sliced ​​bread. You can freeze them for longer storage. To preserve bread, it is recommended to store it at a temperature of 14° to 18°.