How to keep clementines longer


Placed at a certain temperature or in the same container as other citrus varieties, clementines will ripen quickly and even rot. But the trick that you will discover in this article will help you keep them in good condition so that they do not rot prematurely. Fresh or in jam, they will be just as delicious.

Most common in winter, clementines can wilt very quickly if not cared for properly. Even though they appear juicy when picked, they usually only take a few days to start spoiling, while they can last 10 days or more if proper storage methods are applied. We will show you how to properly store this New Year’s fruit at home.

Why do clementines rot?

Clementines rot in most cases due to the presence of fungi or bacteria on their surface, as well as due to damage caused during harvesting or transportation. High temperature and humidity can also speed up the process mold. Also note that clementines must be stored in a dry and cool place and not allowed to come into contact with damaged or rotten fruits to prevent the spread of microorganisms.



Generally, clementines tolerate room temperature quite well for up to 6 days away from light, moisture, and sun.

However, for longer storage, especially when you have a large amount that you are not sure you will consume within a few weeks, certain storage rules must be followed.

If you have too many clementines to store and the fridge can’t hold them all, choose a cardboard box or wooden box with paper on the bottom. However, in each box or box, it will be necessary to make three rows of citrus fruits, separating each of the rows with paper. The temperature in the room where the fruits are stored should be from 4 to 6 ° C. Be careful not to press on the drawers. This will keep them fresh and juicy for weeks.

There is no orange nearby : It’s very easy for us to imagine that tangerines and oranges go well together since they both belong to the citrus family. But it’s nothing. Tangerines store differently than oranges, lemons and grapefruits. Therefore, it is ideal to store them separately to benefit from a longer storage time.

Where to store clementines?

Forget about the dining table, living room and kitchen. Placed in these places, your citrus fruits won’t stay fresh for long enough. Small black dots form there, which gradually grow until they deteriorate. In the presence of high humidity and with too dry air, clementines dry out and wither.

To protect these citrus fruits from dehydration, it’s ideal to place them in a light, open cloth bag or net and in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Also, don’t put them in airtight plastic bags. Otherwise, you will have to make a lot of holes in the bag and, above all, take care to remove citrus fruits that will already be affected by the onset of denaturation so as not to contaminate the entire batch.

clementine jam

Other Ways to Preserve Tangerines

When clementines lose their freshness due to premature ripeness or slight denaturation, they can still be restored before they begin to rot. To do this, they need to be frozen. Better yet, you can make jam from it. This way you can store your citrus fruits for a long time.

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