How to keep dogs that urinate or defecate away from your home


In the language of dogs and cats, the fact of urinating in certain places is a mark of territory. But it worries us humans as they go about their business on the sidewalks, in front of our houses, and even on car tires. Whether it’s yours or a neighbor’s, we’re giving you a list of some products that can prevent certain areas of your home from getting dirty.

Several natural repellents have been tested to date, and almost all of them have shown different results depending on the dog. Therefore, it is difficult to find an effective trick that works 100% for all dogs. We suggest trying them one by one to see how your dog reacts. Either way, rest assured that none of these natural repellents will harm them.

Why do dogs pee in front of your house?

There are many reasons for this

  • Territorial marking
  • excitation
  • Disease
  • age
  • Lack of training to meet basic needs.

Dogs that live next door may use your lawn or driveway as a place to mark territory, or they may get overly excited when they pass by your house. It is also possible that a dog that is incontinent or has bladder problems may urinate without even realizing it.

What natural repellents keep dogs away from home?

dog pissing on the side of the road


To keep dogs away from places you don’t want them to pee, here are some tips from grandma. However, care must be taken to thoroughly clean the area and wear gloves in addition to the mask before applying them. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell: If they feel traces of their urine or droppings in the place where you applied the repellant, there is a good chance that this will not have any effect, because they will return there. In addition, bleach and ammonia should be avoided as these products encourage the animal to urinate again in the same places. Indeed, there is ammonia in dog urine, so opt for natural cleaners instead.

White Vinegar Repels Dogs

Its smell displeases most dogs. Just spray the area where your dog usually urinates with water containing white vinegar. You can also distribute it on the walls and on the floor. But you must dilute the equivalent of a cap of vinegar in 1 liter of water. This will be more than enough to keep him at bay for a while.. If that doesn’t work, add pressed garlic, essential oils, or lemon juice to the vinegar water. and try again. Some dogs find it extremely difficult to breathe.

Mustard scares away dogs

Many dogs hate the smell of this product. With mustard, you can make a spray solution anywhere you don’t want your dog to be. Use 2 tablespoons of mustard per 1 liter of water. Even cats will run away from here.

Pepper as a repellent for dogs

If you make dumplings with pate and a spoonful of pepper, dogs will be rare in the places where you spread them.

Coffee grounds scare away dogs

While many people love to smell coffee in their homes, the same cannot be said for dogs. And that’s good, because you can use the bottom of the coffee maker to scare away the most stubborn of them. Air dry your coffee grounds first before scattering them around your garden, on your doorstep, and anywhere unfamiliar dogs urinate and defecate, even when you’re hunting them. If your own dog likes to do this in the living room, kitchen, or anywhere in the house, then place the dried coffee grounds in small cups in different corners of these places.

Woman cleaning puppy urine.

Household alcohol, repellent for dogs

In order for it to work as a repellent and not pose a danger, you need to dilute 1 glass of alcohol with a liter of warm water and use a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well before spraying. You can also dampen cotton balls with this alcohol water and place them around areas your dog frequents.

There is nothing wrong with keeping polluting dogs away from us. Let’s still be kinder, using natural repellents that are safe for their lives.