How to open a tight jar


Sometimes you may encounter a tight can that is difficult to open. This situation can be disappointing. In this article, we will show you an easy way to open a tight jar easily. Here’s how.

No need to strengthen muscles or ask for help to open a tight jar. There are clever tricks that will help you overcome this inconvenience without much effort.

Jars for jam


Advice on opening a jar lid that is too tight

Whether it’s jars of jam or pickles, the lid can resist and refuse to open. This leads to great disappointment. Do not panic ! Here is a trick that makes it easy to open jars.

  • Just open the jar by hand

Open the jar with the palms of your hands

While opening a jar by hand can be difficult, there is a technique that can make this chore child’s play. Take the jar, then press the lid (more on the edges of the lid) by crossing the bottom of the palms of both hands. Rotate the pot a little, then press again. Repeat the process until you hear a small sound indicating that it is open.

Another trick is to turn the jar upside down and tap the bottom a few times with the palm of your hand. This action is designed to pressurize the jar and under the lid. Then just turn the jar upside down and try opening it again.

What other tricks to open a tight can?

  • Add a grip to your jar

Often all that is needed is to improve the grip on the jar lid. For a better grip, you can use a dry towel or a piece of plastic. Place the item on the lid and rotate as usual. Thus, it will be easier to open the jar.

  • Small spoon to open the jar

If your jam jar refuses to budge despite your best efforts, take it to the next level. All you need is a spoon and stick it between the lid and the jar. Let some air in with a flick of the lever and your jar will open once the pressure is released.

  • Use heat to loosen the jar

Thermal shock can help loosen the lid. This method involves placing the jar under hot water or dropping it lid first into a pot of hot water for 30 seconds to wet the rubber. Otherwise, you can use a hairdryer. Consider using a dry kitchen towel to open the lid after applying heat.

If you often have trouble opening cans, the best solution is to arm yourself with a mechanical or electric can opener. This way, you are sure to open your recalcitrant jars quickly.

Opening a jar with a can opener

  • Make it easier to open the jar with a rubber band

You may not know this, but the jar can also be opened with a rubber band. Nothing complicated! Just wrap it around the edges of the jar so that it holds the lid tightly. This will give you a better grip and give you more grip on your lid. Your hands will no longer slip and you will be able to open the jar.

Opening a glass jar

In addition to being inexpensive, these tricks can be very effective in helping you remove clogged lids from your jars quickly and effortlessly.


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