how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally


Stop worrying

Work on your thought, think positive, meditate, focus on the present, do things that make you feel good, listen to relaxing music…. Worrying stresses you and makes you lose hair.


Combine cardio with lifting/strength.
Exercises like push-ups, burpees, mountain climber … are good for hair loss.
The swing of the kettlebell is also good. If you go to the gym focus on three exercises: deadlift, bench press and squat with these three exercises you work out your body and you increase blood circulation in your head and scalp.

The goal is to perform some type of vigorous activity for a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes, three to five times a week.
This vigorous activity should be executed between 60% to 80% of your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) How to calculate your MHR:
a) – subtract your current age from 220. This number is your MHR.
b) – Multiply this number by 0.60. This is 60 percent of your MHR.
C) – take the number you came up with in step a). Multiply it by 0.80. This is 80 percent of your MHR.
These numbers of 60 percent and 80 percent represent the range of your Target Heart Rate (THR).


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(An important note: many high blood pressure medications work by lowering the heart rate, which would mean that your MHR and target rates may need to be lowered as well. If you are taking any blood pressure medications, contact your physician to find out how best to adjust these numbers. )

When engaging in exercise, you will need to keep track of your heart rate to make sure you are staying within the 60 percent to 80 percent THR range.
This is commonly done by lightly pressing the index finger of the right hand over the artery just under the skin on the skin on the inside of the left wrist.
The rate is easily determined by counting the beats for 15 seconds, the multiplying that number by 4.
This will be your heart rate. (Or count the beats for one minute)
If you don’t like this way of counting your heart beats, there is an alternative rule of thumb: if you can hold a conversation, you aren’t working hard enough.

If you can sing, you are not working hard enough either. If you are out of breath, or have to stop and catch your breath, you’re definitely working too hard. Stay in between!
Also it’s important that you find an activity that you enjoy.

There are a lot of activities out there, so find something that you enjoy. The main point here is to get your circulation going.
Exercise outside for maximum oxygen intake which will stimulate your scalp.
But don’t forget that chewing your food hard is the best exercise for hair loss.


What to avoid: Sugar, coffee, TV and sex

  •  Sugar: Brian Tracy calls it a poison. Sugar is not only bad for your body and your health but it is also bad for your hair. The less you eat it the better.
  •  Coffee: For the sake of your hair choose tea over coffee
  • TV: too much TV could promote hair loss. Especially if you watch action movie or anything that could increase your stress level.
  •  Sex: you could lose your hair when you have too much sex. How do you know if you are having too much sex? Well it’s hard to know because it depends on many facts.

But if you are suffering from hair loss, try to reduce your ejaculations.
Reduce it by half or more. For example if you are having sex 4 times a week cut it to two times a week or one time a week . It might be difficult but it’s just temporary.
When you feel that you don’t suffer from hair loss you can resume your regular sexual activity.


Massage your scalp: massaging will bring more blood to your scalp and stop hair loss.
There are many exercises out there you can do any massaging exercise you want.
The most important rule to follow is: don’t use your nails when massaging.
Your nails might hurt your hair.

Here are some exercises:

  •   Hanging: Lie on your back on a bed or table hang your head off the edge so that blood circulation is increased through the neck and scalp.
    Breathe deeply and relax. Lie there for several minutes
  • Forehead Manipulation: Hold your left hand across the back of your head to steady your neck relaxes your head into your hand.
    Place your right hand across your forehead, stretching your thumb and forefinger across your brow line.
    Move your hand slowly and firmly upward to one inch past your hairline. Repeat four or five times.
  • Scalp manipulation: Place the palms of your hands firmly against your scalp above each ear. «Lift” the scalp in a circular movement, first with the hands at the side of your head, then with one hand at the top front and the other at the center back, right at the nape of your neck.
  • Hairline Circles: Beginning at the hairline, place this fingers of both hands on the center of your hairline – right at your forehead. Massage around the hairline, concentrating on the areas of hair loss as you work your fingertips in a gentle circular motion.
    Work all the way around your hairline, including the temples, behind your ears, across the back of your neck.